5 – John Campbell Proprietor Lands in Somerset Co ENJ

JC Land in Somerset COThis Map details the Somerset Co, NJ land holdings of John Campbell Proprietor and one for Lord Neil Campbell.

  1. Duncrosk:  Large plantation on S. Branch of Raritan River.  Located in today’s Branchburg, NJ.  Pleasant Run was once named Campbell’s Brook after JC Sr. as it ran through Duncrosk. The back side of this Property is the dividing line of Hunterdon Co.
  2. Bound Brook property of Lord Neil Campbell
  3. Passaic / Dead River property: Sold after JC Sr’s Death. Probably the property detailed under Addition Notes in post #4

John Campbell Sr’s Perth Amboy Properties (not Shown)

  1. (2) lots located side by side on the Sound.  It appears JC’s widow sold half of one lot after his death, John Jr or his sisters may have retained the other lot.
  2. A 12 acre lot on the Sound, North of his other lots.  Eight of these acres he acquired on his own, the other four he acquired of Lord MONYVAIRD.

Other Properties of John Campbell Sr’s (Not Shown)

  1. 120 acres in Barnegat (sold after Sr’s death in it’s entirety)
  2. Several lots in and about Elizabeth Town (404 acres) possibly owned jointly with former Gov John Barclay.

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