6 – Archibald Campbell Servant to John Dobbie

There were two Archibald Campbells that came to East New Jersey from England in 1684 and 1685.  The first was the son of Lord Neil Campbell, the other was a servant imported by John Campbell, Proprietor of East New Jersey, for John Dobbie.  It is interesting that while neither man left known descendants, the name Archibald persisted in later generations.

Archibald Campbell, son and heir to Lord Neil Campbell , and commonly associated with Kells Hall, is frequently said to have left a will in East New Jersey (ENJ) which was proven in 1702. This is most certainly in error since it is known that Archibald, son of LNC died in London in 1744.

Most likely the Archibald Campbell who left the will was the servant, brought to ENJ by John Campbell Proprietor, in 1684, for John Dobbie.

1684 Oct.  —.  List of servants, brought into the Province …..

  • By John CAMPBELL, who brought wife and three children: Robert MOORE, Alexander MICKLE, Alex.  SCOTT, Collin and Robert CAMPBILL, Saml and Ezabell MATHEW, Patrick ROBINSON, Margrett STUERE, Mary STILL, Mary MITCHELL, all indentured for four years.  For John DOLBY: Archibald CAMPBELL, John MOORE, Thomas DUNBARR.  195

John Dobbie’s (Dolby) property was located next to one of John Campbell, Proprietor, holdings sometimes referred to as Dunscrosk. (see circled area on map).  Dobbie’s land is the southern most parcel.

  • 3 Mar 1685-1686 SURVEY [East Jersey]. For J. Dobie.   “[404] Acres for [375] Acres” bordering lands    of J. Campbell [Warrant Date: 9 Nov 1685]. LOCATION: 404 Acres. Along the South Branch of the Raritan River

John Dobbie PropertySource (MAP: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~njsomers/LandPurchases.html)

Source (Survey): http://www.state.nj.us/state/darm/links/databases.html

Will of Archibald Campbell:  Names John Campbell as heir and Executor and leaves a legacy to Elizabeth Swan.  Statement of debts due by Edwards, Richard Clarke, William Ridford, John Collins, and due to Elisha Parker, Miles Forster, John Barclay, James More, John Lee, John McCalm, George Cumins and Alexander Thomson.  Personal Estate. Witnesses – James More, John Foreman, Gawin Lockhart. Proved May 12, 1702.

1702 May 15 Administration issued to John Campbell    E. J. D., Lib C, p. 202

In tallying up the debts due vrs. debts owed, there is a remainder of £ 1.17.0. I am not sure if Archibald owned land when he died.  I do believe he had some land transactions with a John Campbell that are discussed in the sketch “John Campbell of Monmouth Battleground”. In his later years he most likely lived at Wickatunk in Monmouth Co about 5 miles from Freehold and was described as a “workman”. The original of Archibald’s will can be found in the Secretary of State’s office at Trenton in Book C or 7 page 202.

With regards to the will, there are a few differing transcriptions.  A viewing of this document would provide more clarity. Some say he left a legacy to Elizabeth Swan and John Campbell was his heir (see above).  Others state that he gave his estate to Elizabeth and John Campbell was the executor. I haven’t been able to find anything on Elizabeth Swan although there were Swan’s (Swain’s) in ENJ.

Because he named no children as such in his will and I have found no evidence of descendants, I have to assume he had none.  It is possible that John Campbell and Elisabeth Swan were his. Archibald sold his headlands to a John Campbell so that doesn’t seem to fit with being a son but Elizabeth could be his daughter.


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