1 – Early Campbells of East New Jersey

My study of the Campbells of East New Jersey (ENJ) was in hope of establishing a link between the Campbells of ENJ and the Campbells who were in Botetourt Co. VA at the start of the American Revolution. The Botetourt Campbells eventually moved to Jessamine County, KY as one of the first settlers there.

Through DNA there is a close link with the Jessamine Campbells to that of another family whose earliest known ancestor is Robert Campbell b. 1756 and had served with Butler’s Rangers in the American Revolution.  Robert was a loyalist and at the close of the war he subscribed his name to a list to settle land across the River from Fort Niagara.

In 1929, George William Campbell the great grandson of the above Robert wrote a family history.  I have not seen an original of this work but it was the basis of an article written by Catherine Webb in 1996.  I have a copy of the article although I do not know if it was ever published or where, nor do I know anything of Ms. Webb.

Ms. Webb writes that George Campbell says Robert’s ancestors “had come to America in the late 1600’s following the Duke of Argyle’s execution during the reign of King James II of England”.  She did not know the basis of George Campbells assumption and I am assuming it was family lore, he being the great grandson.

My Jessamine Campbell DNA matches 65/67 markers indicating a link to this family – although how close is debatable.  My goal was to separate out all the known Campbell’s of the first ENJ settlers and follow their lines to VA.  Currently the only link to New Jersey is through an allied family who lived near Oxford and Greewich in West New Jersey.  The family name was McMurtry. They resided there prior to 1761 when our allied McMurtry family was mentioned in the will of Joseph McMurtry.


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