2 – List of Early Campbells in East New Jersey

There are two Campbell families that came to East New Jersey (ENJ), and landed in the Perth Amboy area.  The first was John Campbell who brought his family and servants.  He arrived arrived in Nov 1684.  The next was Lord Neil Campbell, who brought his son Archibald and several servants arriving in Dec 1685 after being banished.  The latter people became known as the Covenanters.  I will discuss that history more in depth later however it is important to note that the Covenanters were banished to the “Plantations in America” for having supported the former Duke of Argyle (Archibald Campbell) and/or refusing to take an oath of allegiance to the King.  The banished people, in most cases, became indentured servants for a term of 4 (maybe more) years, then given headlands of 25 acres or more depending upon if they had skills (i.e. mason, carpenter etc).

I have gathered the banished Campbell names from various sources on the net in addition to:

  • Google Books:  “Directory of Scots banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775
  • Google Books:  “History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution”.  This book is downloadable and has a ton of good Campbell info, including history/transcriptions of the trials of the Covenanters.  Its 500 pages plus so I have only skimmed!
  • Copy of the hand written “Persons who were imported by Lord Neil Campbell” in December 1685.  You can find that here:  http://www.herriottheritage.org/pdf/henryandfrancis.pdf  .

You will notice on the Lord Neil Campbell (LNC) list a few names are written twice.  One of them is John Campbell.  Most transcribers assume that those listed twice were done in error.  I do not.  As Campbell researchers we know that the existence of 2 John Campbells is not a stretch.

In addition to being listed twice, some of these indentured servants may have changed hands.  For instance, in Scotland, a person may have been sentenced to go with George Scot and ended up with Lord Neil Campbell however; I am not assuming that either so as a result I may have people listed twice.

And one final note.  The most common ship reference is the “Henry and Francis” however there was another ship that sailed within days of the H and F named the Caledonia.  Many of these people may have not sailed together but for the purpose of name gathering, it’s not that important – at least until we can tie into one of these lines.

Here is who I have listed as having arrived in ENJ:

November 1684:  John Campbell, wealthy ENJ Proprietor who owned approximately 1/24th of ENJ (maybe more/less).   He also imported his wife, 2 daughters, and a son.

  • Wife Mary ________,
  • Daughter Gawinetta: youngest daughter married William, brother of Edward and John Harrison of Perth Amboy and Henry Harrison of Somerset county
  • Ann: m. John Stevens had nine children the first five born in New York City the last four in Perth Amboy (Source for Both:  Genealogical and memorial history of the state NJ)
  • John Jr.

Indentured Campbells imported by John Campbell,  Proprietor

  • Robert Campbell
  • Collin Campbell
  • Archibald Campbell (Imported by JC for John Dolby/Dobie/Dobbie)

December 1695: After Execution of Archibald Campbell, Duke of Argyle, Lord Neil Campbell (LNC) imports

  • Himself:  Eventually returned home leaving and d. Apr 1692 in Scotland (?).
  • Archibald Campbell (son of LNC above):  No proven descendants in NJ.  Left ENJ after settling father’s estate and became a clergyman of the Scottish Episcopal Church who served as Bishop of Aberdeen.  He d. 1744

Indentured Campbells imported by LNC

  • John Campbell (Listed twice on original document but deleted in transcriptions)
  • John Campbell
  • Robert Campbell

Indentured Campbells imported by George Scott

  • Robert Campbell (Maybe same RC above with LNC as this reference is from his banishment sentencing in Leith, Edinburgh)
  • William Campbell
  • David Campbell

Those sentenced to be banished and handed over to Gov. Robert Barclay of ENJ

  • John Campbell (maybe a duplicate)
  • Collin Campbell

Unknown Campbell on the Henry and Francis

  • Grisle Gamble

NOTE:  There may be more Campbells who came later so I can’t say this list is all inclusive.

For the male lines that need to be researched, there are:

  • (1) Archibald Campbell
  • (2) Collin Campbell
  • (1) David Campbell
  • (4) John Campbell (including John Jr of Proprietor)
  • (2) Robert Campbell
  • (1) William Campbell

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