10 – Collin Campbell Servant

There are two Collin Campbell’s immigrating to ENJ.  One was imported for Gov. Robert Barclay in 1685, the other by John Campbell, Proprietor in 1684. We will start with Collin who was imported by JC Proprietor

  • 1690 May 1.   Deed.   Andrew ALEXANDER and Collen CAMPBELL of Middlesex Co., for themselves and for Dunken, Margat and Elizabeth JARNOK, servants of Andr. Alexander, Jeane Campbell, wife, Jeane Campbell, daughter, Margbarrat STEWART and Margrat ANDERSON, servants of Collen CAMPBELL, to George WILLOKS of Amboy Perth for the headland due to   each, they having come into the Province before March 25, 1685, to wit in November 1684.     325

Nov 1684 is when JC Came to ENJ so we know where this Collin belongs. Another researcher seemingly links to this family and references 8 children.

FROM: http://www.rootsweb.com/~iajones/families/stivers/stivefam.htm * I checked this link and it no longer exists although people have copied the record word for word. I’m leaving it here in case I find a good link to update.

  • Johan Stuyvers, (or Staivers, Stuyverszler, Stuyverse: John Stivers), born 1678 in Rotterdam, Holland, died March 22, 1740, Mendham, Morris County, NJ, buried Dutch Church, Parsippeny, NJ. His father’s name was, Johann Stuyvers. His mother’s maiden name was, Metja (Martha) Ariens. His first marriage was to Annetje Ariens about 1698. His second marriage was to Jeanette (Jean or Janet) Campbell of Perth Amboy, NJ, near the city of New Brunswick, April 16, 1720. She was born about 1687, baptized September 16, 1723, died, October 12, 1745 in Parsippeny, NJ. Her father was Colin Campbell. Her mother’s maiden name was Jeannet Scott. Together they had eight children.

I assume the reference of 8 children is for Collin Campbell and Jeane his wife.

The deed is an odd record as it references Collin Campbell as having servants AND claiming headlands for himself.  I have a feeling this may be a confused transcription, an original is needed.

I don’t know if this Collin stayed in the area or left descendants.  I suspect he did and needs to be studied more. Eight children is a lot of Campbells but that’s all I have on him by studying records. I did a quick search on the internet but I don’t see the 8 children listed.

Caleb Campbell

There is a Caleb Campbell which could possibly be Collin.  If the above record relates to the Collin indentured to John Campbell, Proprietor then this would be the Collin indentured to Barkley.

Caleb Campbell m. Mary Compton 1 Jan 1695. She was b. 15 Nov 1667 d. 15 Feb 1735. (Source of death and birth are her tombstone) Both buried at Woodbridge Presby Cem.  Mary was first white child b. in Woodbridge.

  • 1699 Dec. 2.   Do.   John MOLLESON of Piscataway and wife Sarah to Caleb CAMPBELL of the same place, for 120 acres there, N., S. and W. unsurveyed, E. a road.              98
  • Page 20 of the book “Woodbridge and Vicinity’ by Joseph W. Dally reports:

“….About the middle of November, 1667, a sensation was created in the settlement by the arrival of a baby – the first white baby born in the place. The town recognized the event May (18th.), 1717, after the child had grown to womanhood and was married by the following order: ‘..It was voted and allowed that Caleb Campbell shall draw a lot with use in this fourth division of lots. in consideration his wife was the first Christian child that was born in this town…’ Her name was Mary Compton, daughter of William and Mary Compton. She married Caleb Campbell Jan. 1st, 1696. Her grave is still to be seen in the rear of the Presbyterian Church, marked by a brown stone partly covered with moss. The inscription reads as follows: In memory of Mary, wife of Caleb Campbell, who died February 15, 1735. Aged 67 years and 3 months. The first born child in Woodbridge….”.


The birth of the first white child in Woodbridge was an event that called for great celebration. Mary Compton was born November, 1667, daughter of William and Mary Compton. She married Caleb Campbell (grandson of Lord Neil Campbell*) on January 1, 1696. Mary died February 15,1735, aged 67 by church records. Her stone still stands in the Old First Presbyterian Churchyard — one of the oldest and most interesting in New Jersey.

* NOTE:  No source given for this and I am almost certain it is incorrect or not proven. Many historical Campbells of ENJ (or their biographers) embellished their ties to LNC and John Campbell the Proprietor.

Children of Caleb Campbell and Mary Compton

  • Rachel b. 20 May 1697 (Dwr:322)
  • Mary b. 10 Feb1698/9 (PISCATAWAY REGISTER OF BIRTHS)
  • Robert b. abt 1699/1702 (RD Chh Rec: Dutch Reformed Church?)
  • David b. 27 Sept 1700 (PISCATAWAY REGISTER OF BIRTHS)

It appears from some quick web searches that no one is researching the male lines of this family.  The only mentions I have found are those researching Comptons and linking Mary to Caleb Campbell. One record that could belong to the above David (age matches):

David Campbell: Woodbridge Presby. Cem Misc.
David Campbell d 8 Apr 1760 in the 60th yr
Wife Sarah d 12 may 1760 in 39th yr
GSNJM (Genealogical Society of NJ Manuscripts).

There is a Rev. Colin Campbell and wife Mary in 1740-1766 but he was not one of the original. I list him here to warn of possible confusion.  Source: County Clergy of Pennsylvania By Samuel Fitch Hotchkin

…….  He was born at Earnhill in Scotland in 1707 and bore his father’s name being one of a family of fourteen. He studied at Aberdeen and Inverness and at the last named place resided with his aunt Lady Drummuire. His grandfather William Campbell was High Sheriff of Nairn and of noble descent.
In 1742 Mr Campbell was married to Mary Martha Bard in St Mary’s Church Burlington by the Rev William Currie the faithful missionary at Kadnor whose life is sketched in the history of Radnor parish in this volume. Mr Campbell died in 1766 and was buried in Burlington church a large number of people testifying by their presence a regard for his memory.

I have yet to find anymore early Collin Campbell’s in ENJ and other than the above references and Caleb. I do keep an eye out for possible descendants of the first Colin (8 children).


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