11 – Campbell Headcount

So far, I have sketches for several Campbells on my list. I haven’t been very successful but I have divided them out enough for me. It’s important to remember that some of the original Campbells probably returned home to England, died or moved away from the area (NY and PA are suspect). I’m trying to account for all but some are probably gone.

Here is where the ENJ Campbells descend into chaos and will take this blog along with them.

I will discuss Archibald Campbell, son of Lord Neil Campbell – interesting history! There are also some interesting people in NY that may have ties to LNC’s family. I will cover them too…All of this is child play however, when faced with 4 John Campbells living in close proximity to each other and having more John Campbells!! If you research genealogy, I know you can relate. To make matters worse, every most ENJ history books tie Campbell lines to either the Proprietor or LNC.

Simply not true (or possible).

So, this is my warning. I feel like things are going to get confusing. Please ask questions if you are researching, correct me if you see an error, and always double check my work!  I found most of this on Google and know you can too!

So my original list looked like this:

(1) Archibald Campbell: There are actually 2

  • Son of Lord Neil Campbell: Left no Descendants in ENJ and I’ll talk about him later
  • Archibald Campbell, Servant to John Dobbie – DONE!!

(2) Collin Campbell’s

  • Servant to John Campbell Proprietor – DONE!! Although he has many unaccounted descendants
  • Collin Campbell – Possibly Caleb Campbell. Unsure but DONE!! For now…

(1) David Campbell – Imported by Scott – DONE!!

(2) Robert Campbell

  • Robert Campbell of Essex Co – DONE!!! Maybe, maybe not one of the servants
  • Still one unknown Robert. A few possibilities to be discussed later

(1) William Campbell – DONE!!  Don’t know anything about him but I give up!

(4) John Campbells (including John Jr of Proprietor) – Still to come… It’s going to get bumpy!


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