13 – Jean Campbell Daughter of LNC

In the prior post I mentioned a Discreet (is a Scottish law regarding the final judgment or rule of the court). From that it seems definitive that that (#5) Jean was the daughter of LNC and his first wife Vere Ker. On this point “Americans of Royal Descent” is mistaken. Browning states in his work that Jean was a daughter of Susan, LNC’s second wife.  He also appears to be confusing the children of Susan’s marriage to LNC, with the children of her marriage to Col. Alexander of Finab. However, it is from Browning’s work that I take the marriage information of what appears to be Jean Campbell (#5 above).

I mention the error and subsequent use of the source only to point out that further verification need to be done.

Jean Campbell, daughter of LNC and Vere Ker, married John Campbell, laird of Inverawe, Argyleshire.   Browning says John Campbell accompanied LNC to NJ (he may have been young).  If true, it would account for one of the 2 John Campbells listed as servants of LNC – assuming he would list him as such.

Browning states that Jean was b. in 1675.  She and John were m. in 1693, after the death of LNC so it appears John accompanied LNC home after the Glorious Revolution.  Jean Campbell died and John of Inverawe m. second Catherine Claiborne (1681-1715).  She was the daughter of Leonard Claiborne, a merchant who had large land grants on the Mattapony in VA and died in 1694 in Jamaica.

It is an interesting commonality to the Jamaican Campbells who pop up from time to time in NJ and NY. It is said that “John of Black River” and the first white Campbell of Jamaica and that he married Catherine Claiborne. As mentioned prior, I believe some of Browning’s work is flawed and honestly I think this is an error but perhaps more study could find a link.

I can find no John Campbell of Inverawe that would “fit” into a marriage here.

I would appreciate any insight!!


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