12 – Lord Neil Campbell

Much has been written about Lord Neil Campbell (LNC) and I won’t try to repeat it here.  He was the brother to Archibald Campbell, the ninth Duke of Argyll, who led the ill fated invasion against Scotland in 1685.  As a result, Archibald was beheaded and LNC and two of his sons were banished by King James.

LNC left a son Archibald in ENJ who eventually took care of LNC’s American estate then returned home to  England. There wouldn’t be a reason to cover him further except that LNC’s family had loose ties to later Campbells in NY and quite possibly Jamaica. I believe a few of them kept houses in ENJ so later research may find it significant.

My sources of the following information, unless otherwise stated are from two recognized standards in royal pedigree.

“The Scots Peerage Founded On Wood’s Edition Of Sir Robert Douglas’s Peerage Of Scotland – Volume 1” Edited By: Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon King Of Arms; Published in Edinburgh by David Douglas, 1904.

“Americans of Royal Descent: Collection of genealogies showing the lineal descent from Kings of some American families (7th Edition)”; By Charles H Browning; Originally published in 1883

Lord Neil Campbell was probably born around 1630-1631.  He married first, Vere Ker third daughter of William third Earl of Lothian his cousin german*, at Newbattle Abbey, 23 January 1668. Vere Ker died in 1674. * cousin german = first cousin.

Their children were:

  1. Charles:  Charles was banished after the invasion of his Uncle Archibald Campbell 9th Earl of Argyle along with his father and brother.  Where he went is unknown.  He was not included on the handwritten list of those imported by LNC into East New Jersey (ENJ) in 1685.  He returned after the banishments were rescinded and eventually inherited his father’s estate.  On 8 July 1693, by disposition, he sold the estate to Earl of Breadalbane for 20,000 Scots and relief of all debts and claims against his father.  Charles died prior to 16 November 1694.
  2. Archibald:  Archibald accompanied his father to ENJ in 1685.  When his father returned to Scotland after the restoration, Archibald presumably stayed behind to manage his affairs.  After LNC’s death, Archibald inherited his fathers ENJ holdings and was named “son and heir” in many ENJ land transactions.  He probably left ENJ sometime around 1708 after selling off LNC large estate on the Raritan River.  (See Sketch titled Archibald Campbell of Kells Hall for more information)
  3. Mary: Married Henry Bothwell, Lord Holyroodhouse.  He died 10 February 1755.  They had five sons and four daughters (not named).  Mary died April 1744.
  4. Anna: Married prior to November 1694, Captain James Menzies of Comrie, tutor of Menzies, second son of Sir Alexander Menzies of Weem, first baronet.  They had children (not named).
  5. Jean: See discussions below

Lord Neil Campbell married secondly (contract dated 13 and 20 March 1685), Susan, the eldest daughter of Sir Alexander Menzies of Weem (see Anna above). By her, Lord Neil had:

  1. Neil
  2. Alexander
  3. Christian: Married her cousin german, Sir Alexander Menzies, second baronet of Weem. She died at Perth in April 1736.
  4. Susan: Married to John Stewart of Urrard.  They had children (not named)

There is a discrepancy between my two sources cited above regarding the mother of Jean however in “The Scots Peerage” supporting documentation is mentioned which seems to confirm that Jean was a daughter by his first marriage:

Decreets* at instance of Neil Campbell, eldest lawful son to the late Lord Neil Campbell of his second marriage and his mother as tutrix, against Archibald Campbell eldest son of first marriage, also at instance of Mary, Anna and her husband for his interest and Jean, daughters of first marriage, against the same Archibald, and also against Alexander, Christian, and Susanna, children of second marriage both decreets dated 16 November 1694. Reg of Decreets Durie vol 153

* A Decreet is a Scottish law regarding the final judgment or rule of the court.

Lord Neil died in April of 1692 and his wife Susan married Colonel Alexander Campbell of Finab and Monzie.  They had 2 sons, John and Archibald who are said to have not survived.  They had one daughter: Lady Jean Campbell.  She married Duncan Campbell of Inverawe.  Duncan was born in 1703 and died at Ticonderoga, Essex County, NY, USA on 17 July 1758. He was a Major in the Black Watch and the subject of sketch #14.


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