15 – Ann Campbell of Balenabe

Gravestone of Mrs. Ann Campbell erected by her son James.
Fitch Gazetteer of Washington County

Ann Campbell’s stone was erected by her son James and from that we surmise she was born in 1703, same year as Major Duncan. She is said to have died of dysentery while at Fort Edward. Her stone reads:

In memory of Mrs Ann Campbell of the family of Balenabe and consort of Mr Duncan Campbell who died August the 10th 1777 in the 74th year of her age.

Ann is said be Ann Lennox (Lenox) who married Duncan Campbell (not Maj Duncan) and came to America from the Isle of Islay in Scotland with Captain Lauchlan Campbell.  Next to Ann, is the grave of her granddaughter who died one day later:

Ann Campbell daughter of Mr. Archibald Campbell and Mrs. Florence Campbell who died August the 11th, 1777 in the 4th year of her age 

This family’s involvement with the Lauchlan Campbell patent is indisputable.  This patent eventually made up parts of the townships of Greenwich and Argyll in NY State. However, I question whether this Ann Campbell’s maiden name was Lennox.  From transcribed ship passenger lists, the Ann Lennox and Duncan Campbell that came to America in 1740 had one daughter.  It is known that Archibald, their son, was born in 1738 or possibly in Jan of 1739.

Gravestone of Ann Campbell, granddaughter of Ann of Balenabe and Duncan Campbell
Fitch Gazetteer of Washington County

Perhaps another clue comes from the tombstone erected for her which states she was “of the family of Balenabe”.  While there are very few references to “Balenabe” outside of the gravestone, there is a place called Ballinaby and there was a Campbell family of Ballinaby.

From “The Clan Campbell, Abstracts of Entries relating to Campbell’s in the Sherrif Court Books of Argyll at Inveraray”; by Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine and Glenure; Published 1913, We see an Ann Campbell who was the daughter of Donald Campbell of Ballinaby:

1721, July 19th.  – Discharge by Duncan Campbell, Alexander Campbell and Ann Campbell, lawful children of the deceased Donald Campbell of Ballinaby, in favour of John Campbell, now of Ballinaby, their brother german, for 1000 merks of provision divided among them, in terms of the Disposition by their said father to him of the lands of Ballinaby burdened with the said provision, dated 29th November 1704.  They also mention Archibald Campbell, their brother german, and Mary Campbell, their mother.  Dated at Killarow 12th May 1711; witnesses, John Campbell of Lagganlochan, Archibald Campbell of Shinderline*, Duncan Campbell in Balleole and John Campbell, writer in Islay. (P 181)

* From other documents, it is apparent that Archibald Campbell of Shinderline was their brother german or natural brother.

It appears that Ann married John Campbell in Kelsa entered a marriage contract a few months later:

1721, September 18th.  – Registration of Contract of Marriage, dated at Conilland 20th January 1718, between John Campbell in Kelsa on the one part, and Anna Campbell, sister german to John Campbell of Ballinaby, with consent of the said John and Duncan Campbell in Grunard, her brother german, on the other part, the said John Campbell in Kelsa providing £920 Scots in goods and property, and the tocher being a Bond for £216 Scots, which is her bairns’ portion, and a further sum of £100 provided by herself. Witnesses are Archibald Campbell of Shinderline, Colin Campbell of Elister, Alexander Campbell, son to John Campbell of Kilanalen, and John Campbell writer in Islay. (P 182)

From other documents, it appears John was of Elister and there were other marriages between these two families of Campbell’s.

1714, July 10th. Bond by John Campbell in Kelsa, brother german to Colin Campbell of Elister, for delivery of some cattle or the value thereof to James M’Connell in Elistererrach, dated at Inveraray 19th December 1713 ; witnesses, Colin Campbell of Elister, Colin Campbell, younger of Breglenmore, and Archibald Campbell, writer in Inveraray.

1714, July 29th.  Backbond by Archibald Campbell of Sinderline to Duncan Campbell of Elister in Islay, to account for a trust granted to him by the said Duncan Campbell to uplift certain debts and re-deliver some assigned Bonds, dated at Conill 10th July 1696 ; witnesses, William Campbell, lawful son of the deceased Colin Campbell in Nerebolls, and John Campbell, writer in Islay.

Seventeen years after their marriage contract, there is a John and Ann on an immigration list associated with Capt. Laughlan Campbell but I believe this is Ann’s brother:

John Campbell. Dead, brought a Wife with him who is Dead and they have left no Children, But he has a sister called Ann, who is married in the Highlands & has 5 children. Married Duncan Campbell who is in this list hereafter. Read more here ____________

In my mind, there is a strong possibility that Ann was Ann Campbell of Ballinaby, not Ann Lenox. If I am correct, her first husband, John Campbell of Kelsa would have died and she remarried Duncan Campbell.

While I have not found a Will for either John or Duncan, there is a will in NY that appears to be written by a son John who died unmarried and without children in 1770.  He names all the known children of Ann:

In the name of God, Amen. I, John Campbell, late of the Island of Jamaica, but at present of New York, being very sick. My debt of £400 to Mr. Goldsbrow Banyer, and all other debts, to be paid. I leave to my sister, Margaret Campbell, £1,000; To my three brothers, Archibald, Alexander, and James, I leave £500 each; To my sister, Catharine McArthur, £200; To my sister, Ann Campbell, £200 when married, provided she marries with the approbation of my executors. I leave to my mother, Ann Campbell, £200; To my cousin, Duncan Campbell, of Kingston, Jamaica, merchant, £200. I leave to my three brothers, Archibald, Alexander, and James, the lands I lately purchased of Goldsbrow Banyer * in the Province of New York, viz., To Archibald, Lot No. 30; To Alexander, Lot No. 38; To James, Lot No. 36. All the rest I leave to my cousin, Alexander Campbell, of Kingston, Jamaica. I make Dr. Peter Middleton, of New York, Johnston Fairhaghne, of Jamaica, and Walter Buchanan, of New York, merchant, executors, and each is to have 20 Pistoles, besides expenses and a reasonable commission. ” The 20 Pistoles being intended to buy each of them a suit of mourning.”

Dated April 27, 1770. Witnesses, Samuel Jones, Esq., Isaac Noble, merchant, Uzal Johnson.

Codicil, May 12, 1770. I leave to Rev. Mr. Mason, minister of the Scotch Presbyterian Congregation in New York, 20 Pistoles; To Mary Mackline, of New York, widow, £40; To Margaret Gillis, who now attends me as nurse, £10.

Codicil, June 25, 1770. Revokes the legacy of £10 left to Margaret Gillis.

Witnesses, Jean Gueringay, Isaac Noble. Proved, July 25, 1770.

* Banyer was a large land holder in Albany which is the probable location of the lots.

From the above will we can see that the children of Ann Campbell were (in no particular order):

  1. John Campbell of Jamaica, now in NY, d. 1770
  2. Margaret Campbell
  3. Catherine Campbell who m. (Duncan) McArthur
  4. Ann Campbell (unmarried in 1770)
  5. Archibald Campbell
  6. Alexander Campbell
  7. James Campbell

In addition, John lists 2 cousins in Jamaica, Duncan Campbell, Merchant, and Alexander Campbell both of Kingston, adding yet another Jamaican connection to this family.

John probably died and Ann became the consort of Duncan Campbell.  This would also explain her son John Leaving her a legacy, but not his father.  Some of Ann’s children could be from Duncan.

“Fitch Gazetteer of Washington County, New York Vol 1”; by Kenneth A. Perry; copyright 1999;  is a wonderful source of information on the early settlement of Washington County compiled from sources in about the mid 1800. Much of the information was gathered by Dr. Fitch from descendants of families, some was taken from newspaper articles he kept in large scrapbooks. While there are a few errors in this work (to be expected in any historical reconstruction), it seems to confirm the relationship of this family.

If there is interest in this family, I would recommend reading the sketch on John Campbell of Trelawney. While I have my doubts about Ann being Ann Lenox, there may be a connection to the Lenox/Lennox family via John Campbell. He owned sugar plantations in Jamaica as well as property in ENJ.

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  1. Anne Kendall Smith said:

    I wish that I had found this before my husband died. However, he has relatives in Ontario, who will be interested. We never, until now, were sure how to fit Alexander into the picture. We lived near Troy, NY, and were familiar with the Fort Edward area. Stuart was descended from Eleanor Campbell who married Daniel Rose. Their daughter, Mary Rose, married Thomas Smith. Their daughter, Eleanor Jane, married Peregrin Maitland Clark. Eliza Ann Clark married Simon William Presley, and Rose Ida Presley married Percy Stone, who was my Stuart Smith’s grandfather.

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