7 – David Campbell Servant to George Scott

David Campbell has been relatively simple to research. There are three mentions in early records.

  • 1688 April 28.  Do. (Patent)  to David CAMPBELL of Amboy Perth, cooper, for a lot there, 9 by 1 chains, S.  Smith Str., W.  High Str., N.  the street from the intended dock, E.  John TANKINE.  532
  • 1687 Aug.  10.  Will of David CAMPBEL of Amboy Perth.  Daughter Helen, wife of David HEREOT, sole heiress and with her husband executrix of real and personal estate.  Witnesses–William OLIPHANT, James ffULLARTON, Thomas EDWARDS.  Proved April 24, 1693.  Recorded Jan.  18, 1694-5.  163
  • 1702-3 Feb.  1.  Do.  to George WILLOKS of Perth Amboy, for a town lot there, E.  and W.  streets, N.  Clement PLUMSTEAD, S.  Thomas BARKER; an- other lot formerly granted to him; a third lot, which he holds by purchase from Miles FORSTER, S.  Smith St., W.  David CAMPBELL dec’d., N.  Dock St., E.  James DUNDAS dec’d.  261

Because he left no male heirs, there isn’t a lot of interest in David outside the Harriot family.  They have done some excellent work. If you are interested in the Harriot family I would suggest you visit their site here: http://www.herriottheritage.org/ On that site there is copy of the passengers imported by Lord Neil Campbell. An actual copy – not a transcription: http://www.herriottheritage.org/pdf/henryandfrancis.pdf

By the above records David Campbell purchased a lot in Amboy Perth in 1688, practiced his trade there and died in 1693. That’s probably good enough but, for the sake of creating controversy where none exists, I have a few hypothesis about David Campbell.

From “History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution”, we see that a David Campbell was banished to ENJ in the custody of George Scott after refusing to take an oath of allegiance and being given a day to think about it. David Campbell however came to ENJ with Lord Neil Campbell. That can be explained by Scott and LNC trading passengers. It happened and may have happened here.

We see that 3 years later, David was buying property. Usually after 4 years of servitude servants were given headrights but I have not found a record of headrights for David. Could be that he traded his headrights and possibly his services as a copper for the purchase of the lot.  Also by 1688, the Glorious Revolution was happening a LNC was going back to England. He may have released servants early. Seems odd as his Archibald Campbell LNC’s son stayed behind in the colony and he would need help. A cooper would be valuable.

Also unknown is when or how David Campbell’s daughter Helen came to the area. Could she be the Grisel Gamble also listed with LNC? Or did she come later?

I have a suspicion that the David Campbell was not a servant to LNC. He may have come over before or after with his daughter. The David Campbell listed with LNC could be a completely different David. Or, David may have come over with LNC but as a kinsman. He may have paid LNC for passage. Also, if David was part of the George Scott servants and traveling with LNC, he could have been party to the lawsuit with John Johnston which dissolved the indentured servant agreements. Hard to know and mostly academic.

There are no other David Campbells in ENJ to my knowledge during these early years.


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