22 – Summary of Things Important

Here is a good place to stop and review most of the information provided thus far. – plus a bunch of tidbits I haven’t mentioned. I am dividing it into 2 section. First section can be proven, the second is attributed to tradition for the most part.

Statement of Facts

  • Archibald Campbell owned land on the property once known as Kells Hall having bought it of Cornelius Van Horne sometime between 1722 and 1771. He was there from at least 1781 to 1785 when he was on Bridgewater tax lists. An Archibald Campbell served under Capt. Jacob Ten Eyck in the Revolutionary War.
  • John Campbell was part owner of a mill on 50 acres in 1737 but (maybe) sold his interest in the mill in 1749 to his partner Aaron Lazaider. He may or may not have lived on the land there.
  • After the death of Philip Van Horne (1783), the Reade house, called Phil’s Hill, was purchased by John Campbell of Elizabeth Town who in turn sold it to his brother James and sister Margaret in 1810 for their share in a sugar plantation in Trelawney, Jamaica.  Margaret was a “spinster” and probably did not have children.  James made Margaret his legatee and executor indicating he had no direct descendants in the area. John Campbell’s wife, Ann, survived him and he was listed as being of Clifton, Bristol (England) at the time of his death.  A portrait exists that was said to have been obtained from John’s descendants in New Jersey.
  • A John Campbell died intestate in 1764 and left a wife Margaret and at least one grown son Archibald Campbell (eldest).  Most likely this Archibald Campbell was the surveyor of Lauchlin Campbell and had lived on the Raritan River.  He was b. 1736 and lived in Albany New York most of his adult life.  Either he or his father or possibly grandfather had property on the Raritan with a “middlebrook running through it” which at one time, had a mill per an advertisement in a New Brunswick newspaper in 1784.  There is no relationship to Lauchlin that is known to me.
  • A record from The New York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury No 1207, Nov 28 1774 may offer a clue as to others in the area around 1774 “Whereas a certain Duncan Campbell who left Sunbury in the county of Northumberland (PA) on the 22d of April last in company with his brother Robert Campbell, has not since been heard of. He is therefore requested to write to his said brother at Basken ridge in Somerset county directed to the care of Mr Thomas Burgie at Lord Stirling’s”

Earl of Stirling was known to have owned property behind the Codrington-French estate and frequented the Phil’s Hill House.

From Wikipedia, Earl of Stirling claimed his title in 1756 although he was never recognized as such in Britain. He changed his title to Lord Stirling in 1761.  His given name was William Alexander. After 1761, Stirling was appointed Surveyor-General of the Province of New Jersey and was also a member of the Provincial Council.  “He began building his grand estate in Basking Ridge, N.J. and upon its completion, sold his home in New York and moved there. George Washington was a guest there on several occasions during the revolution and gave away Stirling’s daughter at her wedding.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Alexander_(American_general)

Note: Basking Ridge is located about 10 miles N. of Bound Brook.

Unproven Traditions with Elements of Facts

  • By the early 1800’s, there was an Alexander Campbell living very near the other Campbells of the area and had built a large addition to his house. It’s difficult to know to which house the author (Davis) is referring.  He also owned a second home used for his slaves then sold this property to Tobias Van Norden in 1744. Author feels Tobias probably didn’t live there but operated a store instead.
  • Another property which Davis refers to as the “Jew House” was formerly owned by Aaron Lazaider and bequeathed to his daughter. The home was confiscated after the Revolution and sold to Tobias Van Norden who bequeathed to his Son Archibald Van Norden who in turn sold to Elias Campbell, formally of Elizabeth.
  • There are 2 Alexander Campbells who were born in the same time frame (about 1710-1730) and another who was probably a relative being born in 1764. One of them may have been the grandson of John Campbell of Piscataway through his son John Jr.  Per his will dtd 13 Feb 1760 and proved the following June, John Jrs family was: wife Mary, sons: Robert, James, John, Alexander, Obediah, Eneas; and expectant Child.

The 2 Alexander’s born in the 1710-1730 time frames (that I know of) are:

  • Alexander Campbell who married Susannah Blair 1758 Dec 26 at Christ’s Church in New Brunswick.  He was a Sergeant in the Light Infantry. I do not know anything more of him.
  • Alexander of Perth Amboy who on 7 Jan 1742 obtained a marriage bond for himself and Hannah Leigh.  Peter Savery was the fellow bondsman.  Hannah was b. 1723 and d. 1775.  In July of 1783, his will was proven.  He was “of Perth Amboy”.  He gave his son William, his instruments of surveying and named another son, Joseph and 2 daughters Margaret and Mary Campbell.  He named 2 granddaughters Juliana Campbell and Amelia Hoar.  He named his brother-in-law, Joseph Leigh as an executor along with his son Joseph and daughter Mary.  His inventory was valued at £17.18.3. – Note Alexander may have been with the group brought over by Lauchlin Campbell.  See post _____________

The other Alexander who may have been related to one of the above is:

  •  “Ohio Early State and Local History” By Daughters of the American Revolution. Ohio. Dolly Todd Madison Chapter, published 1915 (Google Book) states that an Alexander Campbell fled Scotland “for fear of being beheaded”.  His wife was Mary MacDonald. “They both belonged to noted families, he being of the Campbell Clan claiming descent from the Duke of Argyle and his wife Mary, being related to the Stuarts. They settled in Woodbridge Middlesex county New Jersey where their son Robert was born. Robert Campbell enlisted as a private in Captain James Morgan’s Company Second Regiment New Jersey Militia which regiment was active in the defense of New Jersey Frontiers during the Revolution being stationed at Cheesequakes and at South Amboy. Robert Campbell had four sons who fought in the War (names not mentioned except for..) The youngest Alexander was born at Woodbridge November 14 1764 and enlisted with his brothers from Somerset County in Captain Jacob Ten Eyck’s Company First Battalion of Somerset county Militia and also in the Continental Line. After the close of the War he married in 1785 Charity Simcox ….. Other information was that Alexander (b. 1764) moved to Danville PA and died from a fever during the war of 1812.  His son was named Obadiah.

Obadiah is a name associated with the Piscataway family as is Robert, Alexander’s father. I have viewed one of Ten Eyck’s originals Muster rolls along with several transcriptions of others. An Alexander and an Archibald (presumably from the Kels Hall land) are the only Campbell’s listed I have seen which isn’t to say the above isn’t true, I just haven’t found other sources.

Whether or not Alexander Sr and wife Mary McDonald came to this county “for fear of being beheaded” is unknown to me but if this group is of the Piscataway family, once again, the information in the above sketch is misleading at best and wrong at worst since it was John Campbell of Piscataway, grandfather of Alexander, who was likely in danger of losing his head.

The last points seem uncertain but perhaps the important things to remember is that Alexander and Elias Campbell both owned properties near Tobias van Norden and that these names have typically been associated with the John Campbell of Piscataway family.


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