26 – Children of John Campbell of Piscataway

I have studied a few of the children of John Campbell of Piscataway while researching other lines and separate families. That said, I haven’t dedicated research to them specifically so I am sure there are holes in this sketch. If I have made any errors, please correct me in the comments section.

From the sketch of John Campbell of Piscataway, there is a will that lists the children:

  • 1733 Apr 18: Campbell, John Sr., of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., mason; will of. Wife Mary. Children – John, Duglas, James, Margaret, Janet, Ann, Neill. Executors – wife, and son James. Witnesses – Joseph Ayers, William Mackdaniel (one other name undecipherable). Proved 18 Apr 1733.

And the land the family owned was:

  • 1699 Dec. 5.   Do.   Hugh DUNN to John CAMPBELL, both of Piscataway, for 160 acres there, E. Woodbridge line, S. unsurveyed, S. W. Dismall Brook, N. Wm. FROST.      202

Margaret and Janet/Jenette Campbell:

  • Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey, by Francis Bazley Lee: p. 181, states that Margaret married September 22 1740 Tobias Van Norden.
  • NJ Colonial Records states that: Campbel Jennet, New Brunswick and Tobias Van Norden N B wk 1740 Sept 22

Please see sketch on Jeanette Campbell Van Norden. While Tobias did indeed marry a Jennet Campbell, I don’t believe she was the daughter of this John Campbell. Descendants of the Van Nordens claim to have come from the proprietor’s son John Campbell and I think later historians have placed Jennet in this family in error – multiple times.

Ann: I know nothing of her

James Campbell: I don’t know that much about him. There are bits available in Marge’s work but not a lot is known

Neil Campbell: I think there may be 2 Neil Campbells who were about the same age and may have died in the same year. I could be confused. If anyone can clarify, please do.

There is a will left by a Neil Campbell dtd Nov 20th 1777 and Proven Nov 24th 1779. I believe the John of Piscataway family believes this Neil belongs to them.

  • 1777 Nov 20. Campbell Neil of Woodbridge Township, Middlesex Co., blacksmith; will of Wife, Rachel, use of all my lands to bring up my children. Son, Dugal, £50 when 21, also 3 acres of meadow in Dismal Swamp, off the West end of the meadow I bought off of Abraham Shotwell. Sons, John and Henry, the rest of said meadow. Son John, the plantation where I now live left to me by my father, except 4 acres of timber, which I give to my son Henry. Son Henry, the land I bought of Jonathan Ayres, blacksmith, of 20 acres. Daughter Charlotte Campbell, £50 when 18. Wife Rachel, rest of movable estate. Daughter Jennet Campbell, £50 when 18. Executors – wife Rachel and friends David Crow and David Morris. Witnesses – Johnathan Conger, Dugal Campbell, Rachel Compton. Proved Nov. 24 1779 – 1779, Nov 4. Inventory , £5,687.15.2, made by James Ayers and Robert Ross

Fairly valuable estate! Also note, Dismal Swamp land but not inherited (bought of Abraham Shotwell).

The other Neil I am referencing is buried next to John Campbell in the Colonial Cemetery of Metuchen, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Of course he could be the same person but the stone says Neil died October 16, 1777 – prior to the above will being written.

One thing is clear, whoever is buried next to John SR, it is not his son The John Sr in the cemetery d. in 1731. The Neil buried next to him was b. abt 1734.

Neil Campbell Stone d 1777

Find a Grave web site. Patriot Neil Campbell:
Born 1733/4, Died October 16, 1777
Was taken from his sick bed and removed from his home near Oak Hills by the British. He escape, but later he died from exposure.

There is a great website here: http://www.jhalpin.com/metuchen/metindex.htm . I’ve had fun reading and found some good information including a transcription of John’s stone. Also there is a reference to a manuscript located in the Society’s Grimstead Archives. It was compiled by the Metuchen High School senior class of 1931. The manuscript’s editor, Clement Fairweather, Jr., was the son of the noted architect of the same name and later a professor at Rutgers University. Entitled simply “History of Metuchen,” you can see the following excerpt here: http://www.jhalpin.com/anonymous/mehs/2Q07news.pdf

“One such skirmish took place on the hill near Phaff’s where the British returning from some errand, were forced into a hasty retreat by the colonists. Neil Campbell (grandfather of a present resident of the town) was ill in bed and was consequently taken prisoner by the British and conveyed to their encampment at Bonhamtown. His neighbors immediately gathered at the old church cemetery to discuss ways and means of freeing him. This meeting was surprised by the British who pursued the participants down Main Street and into some marshes. At this point the British became mired, a situation which allowed Campbell’s friends to escape out of rifle shot.”

“A few days after this episode the British were forced to withdraw. During their retreat to New Brunswick, Campbell, with the aid of his wife, escaped. However, he died later as a result of the exposure.”

Dugal Campbell of Piscataway or Woodbridge

I have written about Dugal while discussing Jennet Van Norden here and here. There may have been 2 Dugal/Duglas in the area, one was Duglas of Piscataway, and one was Dugal of Woodbridge.  I’m not 100% certain this Dugal of Woodbridge (will) was the son of John but it makes sense.

Misc Records pertaining to:

  • 1715 Jan 25: Piscataway, Middlesex, Earmark of Duglas Cambel recorded at Pisc. (PJB:51)
  • 1728 Apr 6: Piscataway, Middlesex, EarmarK? if Higb Nartub (form Dugles Cambles) rec at Pisc. (PTB:56)
  • 1730 Aug 1: Duggall Cambell 10s one of 15 grantees in deed of Abe (??) Tappen (could be Taffen or Tassen) [for school lot] WGTR B

1734 Oct 16: Will of Dugal Campbell, Piscataway, Middlesex (USGENWEB NJ Colonial Records)

  • Campbell, Dugal, of Wodbridge, MIddlesex, Co.; will of. Children- Dugel, Neile, Rachel, and Anne Campbell, all under age. Lands bought of Joseph Gillman, Thomas Pike, Moses Bishop, Wm McDaniel, James Brown, and Jonathan Dunham. Executors – wife, Rodey, William Makdaniel of Woodbridge and Neil Campbell of Piscataway (probably brother) – Witnesses: Samuel Ayres, John Campbell, William Sharp Jr. Proved Dec 2 1734.

Now let’s look at a couple of land transactions.  I received this info from Margie Campbell in an email a few years ago, and from her RootsWeb posts. In her email she writes: “I’ve traced some of the lines…and had a lot of help from a lady named Ann in NJ…she had copied the information years ago (when Rutger’s only allowed you to hand copy information…you couldn’t handle the records).” She has stated many times the information is at times difficult to decipher.

Note: I have not been able to back up either deed with an on-line transcription or in any book available to me. There is probably a transcription out there, I just haven’t found it.

The online note states:

On 19 Oct 1734, John, Jr and his brother, Dugal, sold the 160 acres to William McDaniel, which they had inherited from their father. John & Dugal, are described as of Woodbridge, planters.

Note the above deed has the same date as Dugal’s will. If Dugal was ill, he may have been trying get his estate in order.

I received this in an email

NJDeeds, C 3-343

11.4.1734 (Marges Note: IF this is a date, 4 Nov 1734, then the Neil Campbell who married Jannet Macdaniel can’t be the Ginnet listed in this land record)

 Wm Macdaniel of Woodbridge, carpenter to John Campbelll, farmer “To find John Campbell’s land we must begin at a maple which is Wm Frosts SE Corner.” Then it shows a drawn map..starting at that SE corner, going 21 chains to the corner of Wm Macdaniels land, down another 7- 3/4 chains, then over 49 chains to Dismal Brook…this lower 7-3/4 chain line from the edge of Wm Macdaniels 21 chains..gave John Campbell 38 acres.  Below that is the land of Ginnet Campbell (with notation to see F2 48) The above lands were between Dismal Brook & the Woodbridge line.

I don’t know what to make of the two references here. John (probably John Jr) and Dugal sell the 160a they inherited from their father to William Macdaniel. A month later Wm is selling 38a to a John Campbell, farmer.  The land is part of the original 160a inherited from John Campbell Sr. The 38 acres is about right for having divided the 160a in forths between 4 boys. The Macdaniel transactions could have been a swap for land more conveniently located or again, if Dugal was sick, they may have been trying to finalize their father’s estate.

Obviously, I’m just guessing

John Campbell Jr:

Much has been said about him and can be found in Marge’s and others work. The following will is that of the John Campbell who is commonly believed to be the son of John Sr of Piscataway.

1760 Feb 13: Campbell, John, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co; will of. Wife Mary, sons: Robert, James, John, Alexander, Obediah and Eneas; and an expected child. Executors: son James and Capt. William MacDaniel. Witnesses: Robert Ross, Elisha Smalley, Jr., and Reune Runyon. Proved 26 June 1760 (NJA 32:51) Lib G. p 239

1760 Apr 15:  Inventory (of John Campbell), £161.15.2, incl. Bonds £122.0.1; 4 bushels of Indian corn; a Bible, made by Richard Taylor and Alexander Thomson; James Campbell Executor. (NJA 32:51) Lib G.

1760 Jun 16: William McDaniel, one of the Executors (of John Campbell) names above declines. (NJA 32:51) Lib G. p 239 (BW NOTE: A Wm McDaniel was a witness to the Will of John Campbell Sr., James Campbell was probably his brother)

Most of my interest in John Jr lies in hes children.

Alexander Campbell, Perth Amboy,POSSIBLY son of John Campbell Jr.

I looked into Alexander Campbell when research my sketch “Other Campbells in Bridgewater and Bound Brook” – They are not the same Alexanders nor do I know if they were related.  The Alexander of Bound Brook was selling property in 1817 so he was younger that the Alexander of this sketch.

In his will, Alexander’s wife not named (predecease) but she was probably Hanna Leigh. Hannah Leigh was b. 7 Oct 1723 and d. 28 Apr 1775. From NJ Col Records:

  • Alexander CAMPBELL and Peter SAVERY, both of Perth Amboy…  [bound to]…  Lewis MORRIS…  Governor…  500 pounds…  7 Jan 1742. …  Alexander CAMPBELL…  obtained license of marriage for himself and for Hannah LEIGH of the same city… [w] Tho’s BARTOW Sec’y

Alexander Campbell will dtd. 1782 Dec 21 Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co

  • William – Son: Instruments of surveying
  • Joseph – Son
  • Margaret – Dau
  • Mary – Dau
  • Julianna Campbell – Granddaughter
  • Amelia Hoar – Granddaughter
  • Exr: Joseph Leigh – Brother In Law, Joseph (Son), Mary (dau)
  • 1792 Sept 10: Estate not administered as all executers are decs

1802 Mar 18:  Elizabeth Campbell of Middlesex d/o Joseph Campbell, Middlesex, desc is a ward. She chooses Daniel Turner as her guardian.

UPDATE: I believe this Alexander was probably one of Lauchlin Campbell Immigrants (see linked Sketch) and therefor NOT the son of John Campbell of Piscataway.

Lucy Laird, a poster at RootsWeb, transcribed a book she owned entitled “The Argyle Patent and Accompanying Documents, Excerpted from History of the Somonauk Presbyterian Church“ by Jennie M. Patten (With Notes on Washington County Families), Chicago, 1928; Reprinted: Gen. Publ. Co, Baltimore, 965,1979. In her transcription, we find:

  • Brought here in  1738 and by 1763, Alexander Campbell, is married has a family in Amboy.

Robert Campbell, POSSIBLY son of John Jr

First, I want to point out that it is impossible for this Robert to be one of the original ENJ settlers listed from 1684 or 1685.  He could easily be the Robert listed in the will of John Jr, s/o JC-Piscataway.

I also want to point out that there was another Robert Campbell of Essex family that I sketched. These are 2 different families. I say this because in my head, I keep confusing Sussex Co and Essex Co and I don’t want that to happen to you.

There is a certain amount of disagreement surrounding who this Robert is.  I am linking him to the John Campbell Jr family primarily because of his presumed son, Obadiah. John Jr also had an Obadiah. That said, Robert did not list the names of his son’s in his will dtd. 1776 Oct 3, Greenwich, Sussex Co

  • Land East of the road to be sold
  • Has 3 Sons (not named)
  • Has Daughters (not named)
  • Executor Daniel Campbell (assume is son)
  • Witness is Rachel Campbell

Presumably Obadiah is found with his brother Daniel (the executor) in Northumberland Co, PA later on.  The descendants of Obadiah and his brothers are well documented.

My only slight interest in discovering who Robert was is that he lived in close proximity to the McMurtry family.  The McMurty’s were in the area of Oxford, Sussex Co, NJ about 10-15 miles away and that family is an allied family of the Jessamine Co, KY Campbells (my line).

Here are some of the theories surrounding this Robert:

Robert Campbell Theory #1:


Robert Cample was born about 1694 in New Jersey. He died after 3 Oct 1776 in Greenwich Twp., Sussex Co., New Jersey. He had the following children:

  • Obadiah Campbell was born 2 Jul 1740 in Sussex County, New Jersey. He died 26 Mar 1819 in Shamokin Twp., Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania.
  • Daniel Campbell was born 17 Feb 1747 in Sussex Co., New Jersey. He died 10 Oct 1831 in Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania and was buried in Warrior Run Cem., Lewis Twp., Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania.
  • Robert Campbell was born about 1720 in New Jersey. He died after 1795. Robert married Gertrude “Geertie” Weever. She was born about 1724/1725 in New Jersey.  Robert and Geertie had the following children: *
    1. Jane (Jannetie) Campbell was christened 19 Jul 1747 in Dutch Reformed Church, Harlingen, Somerset Co., New Jersey
    2. Cornelius Campbell was christened 16 Sep 1750 in Dutch Reformed Church, Harlingen, Somerset Co., New Jersey
    3. Elizabeth Campbell was christened 2 Feb 1752 in Dutch Reformed Church, Harlingen, Somerset Co., New Jersey
    4. Gertrude Campbell was born about 1753 in Somerset Co., New Jersey
    5. Robert Campbell Jr. was born 1755/1763 in Somerset Co., New Jersey. He died Sep 1827 in Rush Twp., Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania
    6. Christopher (Cristiyan) Campbell was born 4 Jul 1757 and died 17 Jul 1837
    7. John (Yohannis) Campbell was christened 24 Jun 1764 in Dutch Reformed Church, Harlingen, Somerset Co., New Jersey

* There was a Robert Campbell who m. Gertie Weever.  He lived and died in Somerset Co, NJ.  I don’t like him for the son of this Robert Campbell because of his date of birth which is 20 years prior to his brothers. In short – I think this Robert is in error.

Robert Campbell Theory #2

Of all the theories, I like this one the best…. http://www.familygen.com/campbellfamily/Cam1Robert.html


Robert Campbell is the probable, but not proven, father of Obadiah Campbell. Robert Campbell died in Sussex County, New Jersey 1776/17771. In his Will executed in 1776, he named his son Daniel as executor. The will was also witnessed by Rachel Campbell. The Will divided the estate between his 3 sons after his wife’s death.

According to the research of Elinor Campbell Brady, Robert’s son, Daniel Campbell,  moved to Northumberland County following his father’s death. Daniel’s wife, Rachel, was possibly Rachel Howe. Elinor Campbell Brady further indicated that Daniel and Obadiah Campbell of Sussex Co., N.J. were listed in the Shamokin Presbyterian Church records as brothers.

Another researcher, Charlotte Walter, listed the father of Obadiah Campbell as John Campbell of Woodbridge, N.J. This was based on a Will (Vol 33 pg 51) leaving bequests to sons Robert, James, John, Alexander, Obediah, Enos and an expected child. This second hypothesis is less likely based on the above mentioned church record.

Children of Robert Campbell:(Based on the above information, I have selected the Elinor Campbell Brady hypothesis)

  • Daniel Campbell named executor of father’s estate. Moved to Northumberland Co., Penn. following father’s death. Probable wife, Rachel Howe. Listed as brother of Obadiah Campbell in Shamokin Presbyterian Church records. One hadwritten sheet (author unknown) from Northumberland Co. Hist. Soc. listed Daniel’s b. as 1738 N.J., d. as 1832 Northumberland Co, and indicated he had a 2nd wife named Elizabeth.
  • Obadiah Campbell b.abt 1740 N.J.; d. abt Jan 1819; m. Mary Opdyck
  • Unknown Son


1. David S. Crater, Secretary of State, State of New Jersey Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc., Vol III (1901; reprint, Baltimore, Md.: Clearfield, 2000) pg 1299; reference Robert Campbell will 231S; B18,pg 670;W 1777; Inv 1777

2. Campbell family file, Letter written by Elinor Campbell Brady, 1991. copy from Northumberland County Historical Society, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

3. Opdyck family file, prepared by Charlotte Walter, 1985, copy from Northumberland County Historical Society, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

Robert Campbell Theory #3

Next is a set of internet queries that say this Robert is the Robert who m. Catherine Cunningham in Scotland and would have emigrated here sometime in the 1740’s – most likely after his children were born.  I have no idea why these researchers think that this is the Campbell/Cunningham family


  • I’m researching the Campbell family.  Robert Campbell who owned a farm near the Hunters Ferry, died in 1776 in Greenwich Twp., Sussex Co., (now Warren Co.) NJ.  He had three sons and at least two daughters. The sons were Obediah, Daniel and Robert.  Have no names on the daughters.  All three sons moved on to Northumberland Co., PA in 1792. The wife of Robert Sr.  lived on the farm until she died.

Genforum Query #9463

  • I have info. on this family, I have Robert Campbell 1713-1776 & Catherine Cunningham 1717-1814 I have 3 sons #1 Obadiah 7/2/1740-3/26/1819 #2 Daniel 2/17/1746/7-10/10/1831 #3 Robert 1/20/1755-12/1/1831 Daniel was married to Rachel Howe but he had a son named Daniel but he married Ann Mettler he didn’t have a son named James Campbell. Obadiah Campbell had a son named James but, he married Sarah Hoffman

Genforum Query #10734

  • I have Robert & Mary in my tree, also, but with some differences: He (I have him as Robert, II) b.  Sussex, NJ 1/20/1755, d.12/1/1831, in Northumberland Co., PA, she b.2/20/1762, unknown location, d.1/10/1844 in Northumberland Co., PA.  His father, Robert, d.Oct 1776, Greenwich Twp., Sussex Co., NJ. Robert II’s brother, Daniel, b.1746 or ’47 is my Gr-gr-gr-great grandfather. I have some other info on this branch – NJ to PA to the mid west.  Cordially, Bill Sharpe.  My email: billsharpe@earthlink.net

Genforum Query #10763

  • Robert Campbell, he was the son of Robert Campbell b.1713-1776 and Catherine Cunningham died 1814. I have 3 son Daniel, Obadah, and my Robert born 1755 I also have Patrick Ruadh Campbell as grandfather. Robert Campbell 1755-1831 is my 4th great grandfather

That ends my information on Robert Campbell of Greenwich Co, NJ.


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