30 – John Campbell Jr of Freehold

John Campbell Jr was the son of John and Bridget Campbell (See sketch John Campbell of Monmouth).  He was married twice and left his estate to his second wife and children by her.  I’m assuming he had already had given parts of his estate to his 3 sons by his first wife since it appears they owned land.  Two of John Campbell Jr’s sons predeceased their father and mentioned their brothers in their wills.

From the book “History of the Old Tennant Church”; by Rev. Frank R. Symmes, published 1904.

  • “Research furnished by James W. S. Campbell, Freehold, N. J….. John Campbell b. Nov. 6, 1719 d. Mch. 31, 1804. Son of John & Bridget, Monmouth N. J. md. Jan. 22, 1746 Rachel Walker of the same place had 5 children all baptized in the Episcopal church.”
  • James W. S. Campbell contributor of the above information was born in 1858 and was the great-great-grandson to John Jr.  Some say Bridget Campbell was AKA Mary Campbell but I believe her to probably be Bridget Cook, widow of Benjamin Cook.  The Episcopal church would be Church of Christ Church in nearby Shrewsbury and the first church of the Freehold area.

John Campbell Jr. was born 6 Nov 1719 and died 31 Mar 1804. From NJ Colonial Records, John Campbell married first, 22 Jan 1746, Rachel Walker, who died 10 May 1761. He had 5 children by Rachel who were baptized in Christ Church Shrewsbury.

John Campbell Jr Stone

Grave of John Campbell Jr, son of John Campbell and Rachel Walker Campbell.
Burial: Old Tennent Churchyard, Tennent, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Find A Grave Memorial# 10794608

1)   John Campbell was born 5 Feb 1751. His will is listed as: John Campbell Jr and is dtd. 28 Feb 1783, Freehold, Monmouth Co.

He names:

  • George W Campbell – Brother
  • Duncan Campbell – Brother
  • John Rhea witness

John was a private during the Revolutionary war.  He is buried in the Old Tennant Church Graveyard.  A picture of his gravestone is found at findagrave.com but the transcription says he died 1734.  More than likely this is in error (date is unreadable from photo).  There is another transcription in the book “History of the Old Tennant Church”; by Rev. Frank R. Symmes, published 1904.  That same transcription has the date as 1783. The inscription reads:

  • The body of JOHN CAMPBELL the son of John and Rachel Campbell was interred here the 30th day of March in the year of our Lord (probably 1783) aged 32 years and 7 weeks old

2)   George Campbell was born January 7, 1747 died September 22 1798 (51 years old).

George was a veteran of the Revolutionary War.  He was commissioned Surgeon in Hospital at Flying Camp Continental Army Apr 11 1777 & served to June 20 1780.  He was commissioned again as Physician & Surgeon in General Hospital, Sep 20 1781 where he served to close of the war. He was an original member of the Society of the Cincinnati  July 4, 1786 and it is from them we have the following description:

  • SURGEON GEORGE WALKER CAMPBELL: born January 7, 1747, at Freehold, New Jersey; admitted July 4, 1786 ; Hospital Surgeon’s Mate, April 11, 1777, to June 20, 1780; Hospital Physician and Surgeon, Continental Army, September 20, 1781, and served to the close of the war ; died September 22, 1798, at Woodbury, New Jersey.

Society of Cincinnati meeting Note: Hereditary member: 1885. Mr. James Wall Schureman Campbell, …. Freehold, N. J. Representing Surgeon George Walker Campbell.   This was the James who contributed his genealogy to above referenced book (by Symmes).

Some sources say George died unmarried but in fact his wife predeceased him. In “This Old Monmouth of Ours; By William S. Horner; published in 1932 his wife is listed as: Charity or Charlotte Craig.  Charlotte was named as “late wife of testor” in George’s will. Also named was his brother-in-law Daniel Craig and Charlotte’s father, John Craig, Esq.  There was a Craig family who owned a lot of land in the Monmouth Battlefield area and it is likely that Charlotte came from this family (I have not searched).  She is buried at the Old Tennant Church and her inscription reads:

Charlotte Campbell Stone

Grave of Charlotte Craige Campbell, wife of Doctor George Walker Campbell.
Burial: Old Tennent Churchyard, Tennent, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Find A Grave Memorial# 13711669

The body of Charlotte the Wife of Doctor Geo W Campbell and the daughter of John and J___ C___ (My Note looks like Craig)

The rest of the inscription is unreadable by me but findagrave.com has her date of birth as 6 July 1766 and date of death as 4 Jul 1791.  It also says that she was 24 yrs, 11 months and 28 days.  It is likely that came from her gravestone. View Find-A-Grave entry here

There are some court documents relating to Dr. Campbell.  I have not read them but I list them here for future reference.  From NJ Archives Web Site, Supreme Court Case:

  • State of New Jersey v. Aaron Chew Campbell, George W. (Deponent), RE: Assault and Riot (1785) Gloucester Co.
  • State of New Jersey v. George Walker Campbell. Campbell, George Walker (Dr.) (Defendant), RE: Assault & Battery (Date unsure) Gloucester Co.
  • State of New Jersey v. Jonathan Blackwood [et al] Campbell, George W. (Deceased) (Defendant), RE: Debt on Sheriffs Bond (1801-1806) Gloucester Co.

The will of George Walker Campbell is dtd 1797 Oct 2 and states that he was of Woodbury, Gloucester Co., NJ.  The will was proved 9 Oct 1797.

  • Practitioner of Physic
  • Names Daniel Craig – Brother in Law
  • Duncan Campbell – Brother, bequeathed property, real and personal, and sole Executor
  • Inventory $9,282.99

3)   Duncan Campbell was baptized 10 Jun 1753 died 12 Jan 1813, NJ. He served as private in Capt Waglum’s Co 2d Regmt Middlesex Co NJ Militia Sep 16 1777 during the Revolutionary War.

Duncan died intestate and it appears his estate went to his brother Benjamin who died in Oct 1813 and to his other brother William, indicating he may not have had children.  Beside his brothers, Casper Fetter also appears as an heir.  Casper was probably the husband of his only surviving (half) sister Rachel.  His Inventory was valued at. $1,616.53 and included accounts of Benjamin Campbell and Jane Campbell, widow of Benjamin (Duncan’s half brother by Hendricka Covenhoven).  It was sworn to by William Campbell (Duncan’s half brother by Hendricka Covenhoven)

It’s interesting that Duncan had inherited a large estate of over $9,000 from his brother in 1797 but 20 years later had less than $2000.

Duncan may have been a Doctor and lived in Woodbury next door to his brother George.  John, the other brother may have lived there as well. From the NJ archives web site:

  • George W. Campbell of Deptford, £50 for 94 square perches (brick tenement and lot) in Woodbury bounded by the lot late of John Cooper, Jno. Campbell, Jos./Jas. Low’s lot, the road, a lot formerly of Jno. Wilkins, and the street [discharged December 1793 per ledger].
  • 130 South Broad Street. Residence of Dr. Duncan Campbell built and occupied by John Cooper, member of the Continental Congress, the Committee on Correspondence and Council of Safety. He was also judge of the County Court. The house was used by Lord Cornwallis as headquarters during the three days he was in Woodbury.

More information comes from “Notes on old Gloucester County, New Jersey (1917)”  by Stewart, Frank H, copyright 1917. This book details the Diary of Samuel Mickle who mentions the Campbell family.

  • He records the date of George’s death as 2 Sept 1798 (above reference says 22nd Sept)
  • On 1 Oct 1800, he was “Introduced to Duncan Campbell’s father who looked liked his son the late Doctor Geo. W. Campbell”.
  • On 10/3 he mentions Benjamin brother of Duncan.
  • 4/25/1809, he “Wrote deed from Duncan Campbell to Richard Snowden conveying his house and lot for $2800.00 consideration”.
  • 2/27/1813: Duncan Campbell deceased 10th ult. (Note: differs from the 12 Jan 1813 date above)

From: “Intestates and Others from the Orphans Court Books of Monmouth Co, NJ “ By Judith B. Cronk; published 2002:

  • Campbell – pg 5 – 11; Jan. 1814. The lands of Duncan Campbell, dec’d., were divided into three portions for his heirs who were identified as Casper Fetter, William Campbell, and the heirs of Benjamin Campbell, dec’d. The heirs of Benjamin Campbell dec’d, who shared one portion, were identified as his children, viz., Hannah Campbell, Eleanor Campbell, William Campbell, Catherine Campbell, Benjamin Campbell, and John Campbell.

4)  Eleanor Campbell was born 10 Dec 1755 died Jun 1774 (19 years old)

5)  Elizabeth Campbell was born January 1758 and baptized 1 Feb 1758 died September 1760 (2 Years old)

From the above it would appear that there are no descendants of John Campbell Jr through his wife Rachel Walker Campbell. Rachel was the daughter of George Walker Sr. A brief genealogy of the Walker family is provided at the end of this sketch.


John Campbell Jr m. second 30 Nov 1761 Hendrika Covenhoven (NJ Col Records). She was born 12 Apr 1726 died 7 Dec 1805.  She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Covenhoven. John and Hendrika had four children baptized in old Tennant’s Church.

6)  Rachel Campbell was born 20 Dec 1762.  She probably married a Fetter as Casper Fetter was listed in her brother Duncan’s estate.

7)  William Campbell was born 20 Jan 1765 and died in 1847 according to the record on his tombstone.  He married Margaret Cook in 1787. She was born 1 Nov 1771 died 15 May 1838. Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Cook and probably William’s cousin.  William served as Drummer & Drum Major in the Monmouth County Militia during the Revolutionary War and was wounded in shoulder at the Battle of Monmouth.  The children of William and Margaret Cook are:

a)      John born 1 Jun 1788 died 27 Jul 1823
b)      George born 17 May 1791
c)       Rachel born 29 Aug 1793 died 23 Oct 1793
d)      Thomas born 14 Jan 1795 died 8 Nov 1829
e)      Nancy born 4 Nov 1798
f)       William born 3 Aug 1800 and died 1 Feb 1870

Note: James Wall Schureman Campbell was the grandson to this William through his son Peter Bowne Campbell and his wife Mary Schureman.  James was born 23, April, 1854, near Freehold, NJ.  He married 27 November 1878, Mary Valentine, who was born 19, September, 1856, at Shrewsbury, N. J.  She was the daughter of Dennis and Ellen (Bell) Valentine. James was the contributor of Campbell information in the book History of the Old Tennant Church.

g)      Maria born 12 Jan 1805
h)      Caroline born 19 Apr 1808
i)       Rue born 24 Apr 1813 died 25 Feb 1882

8)  ElizabethCampbell was born 10 Dec 1767 died 18 Sep 1769

9)  Benjamin Campbell m. Jane ____ . He was born 8 Nov 1769 and died 27 Oct 1810 in Freehold Twsp without a will.  His Inventory was valued at $1,469.48 and sworn to by John Campbell (father).  Duncan Campbell estate document the names Benjamin and Jane’s children as well as printed genealogies.

a)      Hanna bap. 1791 May 16
b)      Rachel bap. 1792 Sep 20
c)      Nelly bap. 1795 Dec 2
d)      John bap. 1798 May 6
e)      William
f)       Benjamin
g)      Eleanor (AKA maybe Rachel or Nelly above)
h)      Catherine (AKA maybe Rachel or Nelly above)

From: Intestates and Others from the Orphans Court Books of Monmouth Co, NJ  By Judith B. Cronk

  • Campbell – pg 177; July 1810. Jane Campbell, widow of Benjamin Campbell dec’s., requested appointment as guardial of John Campbell, William Campbell, Catherine Campbell and Benjamin Campbell, minor under 14yrs, children of Benjamin Campbell, dec’d.
  • Campbell – pg 177; July 1810. Hannah Campbell, minor over 14 yrs., dau. of  Benjamin Campbell dec’d, elected Duncan Campbell as her guardian.
  • Campbell – pg 178; July 1810. Eleanor Campbell, minor over 14 yrs., dau. of  Benjamin Campbell dec’d, elected Duncan Campbell as her guardian.
  • Campbell – pg 178; July 1810. John Campbell, minor over 14 yrs., son of Benjamin Campbell dec’d, requested William Campbell as his guardian.
  • Campbell – pg 287; Jan 1813. Eleanor Campbell, minor over 14 yrs., dau. of  Benjamin Campbell dec’d, requested Caleb Lloyd, Esq as her guardian. (My Note: Same Eleanor as above)
  • ALLGOR – pg 173; October 1825. Benjamin Campbell, minor over 14 yrs., son of Benjamin Campbell dec’d, chose Isaac K Lippincott as his guardian.
  • Campbell – pg 1; Jan 1818. Pierson Thompson and his wife Eleanor, late Eleanor Campbell, were complaints against Daniel Stillwell and his wife Jane, late Jane Campbell who was the administrator of the estate of Benjamin Campbell dec’d.
  • Campbell – pg 162; Jan 1820. John Campbell, Hannah Campbell, Pearson Thompson and his wife Eleanor, late Eleanor Campbell, petitioned for a division of the real estate owned by Benjamin Campbell dec’d., late of Dreehold Tshp, who died intestate. Children and heirs: John Campbell, Hannah Campbell, William Campbell, Benjamin Campbell, Catherine Campbell, and Eleanor (Campbell) Thompson.

John Campbell Jr’s (Subject of this sketch) left a will dtd. 1802 Mar 18 and was proved 1804 Apr 16. James W. S. Campbell states that John died 31 Mar 1804.  His will names 2nd wife and living children by his 2nd wife:

Hendricka – Wife
Rachel – dau
Benjamin – Son
William – Son

His son Duncan by Rachel Walker was living in 1814 but was not named in the will.  This may have been because Duncan had inherited from his brothers or received a prior division of land.

NOTE:  Some of the above information on descendants was taken from Genealogical and memorial history of the state of New Jersey … edited by Francis Bazley Lee with the exception of wills which were taken from NJ Colonial Documents.

One land description comes from: http://morford.rootsweb.ancestry.com/Whose.htm. I have included it here but a search for more is needed

  • On the 10th day of March 1804, John Campbell of Freehold, with the consent of Hendricka Campbell, his wife, conveyed property to “Benjamin Mofford and John Mofford, sons of John Mofford Senior of the same County and state” (MnD 0:491).  The same property, consisting of a one-acre lot on the south side of the new road on the highway leading from Monmouth Court House to Mount Holly, was conveyed to Joseph Scudder on 20 October 1806 by John Morford Jr.

This land doc could be referring to the “lot” John Campbell of Monmouth Battleground purchased from Robert Rhea but this is only a guess on my part. The Mofford family and the Covenhoven family appear to have a relationship in the above web page.  It may be worth studying as the two families share the “Benjamin” name.

Connection to John Campbell of Monmouth

I believe John Campbell JR of Freehold was the son of John Campbell of Monmouth.  It appears from the following that John Sr of Monmouth and a George Walker Sr had a friendly relationship and/or were neighbors as they witnessed (at least) two of the same wills. One of those wills was for Robert Rhea from whom John Campbell Sr acquired land.   Rachel Walker (John Jr’s first wife) was the daughter of the above George Sr and George Walker JR gave bond for the marriage.

  • 1718 April 10.  Rhe, Ray, Robert, of Freehold, yeoman; will of. Wife Jennit.  Children–David, Elisabeth, Catherine, Margaret, Isabel, Mary.  Real and personal estate.  The wife sole executrix.  Witnesses– Richard Clarke, George Walker, John Campbell.  Proved May 27, 1719. Lib.  A, p.  119, and Monmouth Wills. 1719 May 27.  Inventory of the personal estate of, £206.10.11; made by Richard Clark, Thomas Combs and John Campbell; sworn to by his widow and executrix Jannett Rhe.
  • 1723 Oct. 12: COMBS, THOMAS of ffreehold, Carpenter, “being now Sick in body.” Dated Oct. 12, 1723. Proved by dep. of John Cambell and John fenton, two of ye evidences, who were present when the other evidence signed; before Michael Kearny, Surrogate, ffreehold, Mon. Co., May 27, 1724. Wits. George Walker      John fenton      John Campbell
  • 1746 Jan 22:  John CAMPBELL Jr and George WALKER Jr, both of the County of Monmouth, yeomen…  [bound to]…  John HAMILTON, Governor…  500 pounds…  22 Jan 1746….  John CAMPBELL Jr…  obtained license of marriage for himself and for Rachel WALKER of ye same county, spinster. [w] Ann MADOCK and Wm MADOCK

John Campbell of Monmouth may have been close to 50 years old when his son John Jr was born.  There are references to a John Campbell Jr, late of Scotland, now of Freehold on the Internet.  I do not know what the document was regarding and the sources are sketchy.  If that is the same John Campbell who married Bridget Cook, and I believe it would be, then by naming traditions, John Jr. would be his first son.  I am unsure if he had more but given his and Bridget’s ages at the time John Jr was born, it would seem unlikely.


My interest in this family was the introduction of the name “George”. The descendants of a George Campbell of Claiborne Co, TN are a 66/67 match to Robert Campbell the Loyalist and a 64/67 match to the Jessamine Campbell’s (my line).  George Campbell of Claiborne Co is said to have been born in VA abt 1770 and died aft 1850.  Given what I have leaned about this family, it is highly unlikely they are related to my Campbells.

Additional NotesWalker Genealogy from “The History Of Old Tenant Church“:

George Walker SR married 1st (unknown to me) & had 2 (or 3) children

1)  George Walker Jr  born 1724 and died 2 Jan 1791.

2)   Rachel Walker (per George Sr’s Will) Rachel m. John Campbell Jr (subject of this sketch).  She could be the dau of Gertrude (George Walker Sr’s 2nd wife). The genealogy in the above reference does not include Rachel but she is mentioned in her father’s will.

3)   Elizabeth Walker md David Barclay as his 2nd wife Elizabeth’s sister Ester, mentioned below, was David’s first wife.

George Walker SR married 2nd Gertrude and had 3 (or 4) children

4)   Esther Walker baptized 8 Jan 1738  md David Barclay as his 1st wife. (My Note: I haven’t checked into the possibility that Esther and Elizabeth could be one person)

5)  James Walker baptized 26 Feb 1741

6)  Anne Clark Walker baptized 15 Apr 1744

George Walker SR died in 1748 and his widow m. Robert Gordon.  He was the son of Charles Gordon and married Gertrude widow of George Walker in 1747. They had a child Mary born in  1748. Gertrude was Roberts 2nd wife.

Additional Notes for George Walker JR

Source: “History of the Old Tennant Church” unless stated otherwise.

George Walker Jr  was born 1724 and died 2 Jan 1791.He married 26 Oct 1749, Priscilla Forman daughter of Aaron and Ursula and granddaughter of Samuel and Mary Wilbare Forman.  George and Pricilla had 9 Children. NOTE:  It appears Pricilla Forman (wife) was related to both the Craigs and the Rhea’s of the area http://www.buckalew.net/joanne/DescendentPages/Archer/descendants_of_john_craig.htm

  • ESTHER Baptized Sep 25 1748 (Date prior to stated marriage!)
  • URSULA Baptized Oct 7 1750
  • PARTHENIA md George Cook,
  • GEORGE Jr : Member of the Society of the Cincinnati:

BREVET CAPTAIN GEORGE WALKER;  born April 11, 1756, near Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey; Second Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Second Establishment, New Jersey Continental Line, September 12, 1778 ; Ensign, Second Regiment, September 26, 1780; Lieutenant, January 1, 1781; retained in New Jersey Battalion, April, 1783, and served to November, 1783; Captain by brevet; wounded at the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778; took part in the Indian Campaign, 1779; died in 1793, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • AARON FORMAN Baptized May 6 1759

Member of the Society of the Cincinnati: born March 29, 1759; admitted July 4, 1842; Private, First Regiment, Monmouth County, New Jersey, Militia; wounded in the side at the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778; died December 24, 1849, at Freehold, New Jersey.

  • LUCRETIA Baptized April 26 1761
  • LYDIA Baptized April 8 1764
  • ELIZABETH Baptized Nov 2 1766  d June 5 1767 (June 3rd on Gravestone)
  • ELIZABETH ROWENA June 26 1768

Family Graves in Tennant Church:

–   Dau: Elizabeth Walker d George  June 3 1767 9 mos
–   Himself: George Walker  Jan 2 1791 In 67th yr
–   Wife: Priscilla Walker w George Jan 26 1813 In 84th yr
–   Dau: Lydia Walker  Feb 9 1833 In 69th yr

Other Family Notes: JAMES ROBINSON WALKER born November 19, 1808, in Monmouth County, New Jersey; admitted (to Society of the Cincinnati) July 5, 1869; died September 13, 1890. As a stated nephew of George Walker Jr.


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