32 – Summary of Early ENJ Campbells

The original purpose for studying the ENJ Campbells was to find a link to my own Campbells of Jessamine Co, KY. While I was mostly interested in those that were banished to the American colony as a result of Archibald Campbell, the 9th Duke of Argyll uprising in 1685, it quickly expanded to those who were imported by John Campbell Proprietor a year prior.

Here is my original list of Campbells . Below you can read sketches on each.

Lord Neil Campbell: Imported himself and several indentured servants

Archibald Campbell:

Collin Campbell: Both linked to the same document

David Campbell – Imported by George Scott

Robert Campbell: one imported by Lord Neil Campbell and one imported by George Scott

William Campbell – Imported by George Scott. I don’t know anything about him but there is an interesting theory here (not my own)

John Campbell: I can’t tell who belongs to who but I have profiled several John Campbells. I will match the up as best I can.

  • John Campbell, Proprietor and a bit more here
  • John Campbell Jr, son of the Proprietor. He is detailed extensively in his father’s sketch. Read the main sketch here and more about the land transactions here.
  • John Campbell of Piscataway as named by me. I clarified a bit on him here, and posted info on his children here. I believe he is one of the Johns imported by Lorn Neil Campbell.

There are 2 more John Campbells

  • Another John imported by Lord Neil Campbell
  • John Campbell, servant to Gov. Robert Barclay

I have identified 2 other John Campbells who live in Monmouth County both could be imported servants. First read the background information here. Then see their detailed sketches:

I will note that there is said to be another John Campbell that accompanied Lord Neil Campbell to the colonies. Whether he was listed as a servant is impossible to tell. This John, said to be John Campbell, laird of Inverawe, later married Jean, Lord Neil’s daughter by his marriage to Vere Ker. I have a sketch detailing this here. If this is correct, and I have my my doubts, John would most likely have accompanied Lord Neil back to Scotland in 1688, after the restoration.


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