6 – Archibald Campbell Surveyor for Lauchlin Campbell and Argyle Patent

NOTE: My interest in Archibald is identifying any siblings he may have had. If you have any clues, suspects, or  speculations, I would love to hear it them!

Archibald Campbell, surveyor in Albany, NY, was b. 1 June 1735 (via his gravestone) and d. 24 Apr 1793. He m. Christina Starrenberg abt /bef 1777 (assumed from the date of the birth of his son Archibald, Jr.). Per his will 19 Feb 1793, he had sons John, Jacob, “and four others”, plus daughters Margaret, wife of Thomas Brissbrown, Hannah, Sarah, Caty, and Elizabeth.

My Note: I haven’t found an on-line transcription of Archibald’s will. I took this information from here.

UPDATE: One of Archibald’s descendants provided a transcription of his will (in the comments section)… Thank you so much!!

I’m certain I don’t connect directly to Archibald; however, I may have a clue as to his parents.  I have written extensively on the following family but will summarize here and link below:

  • John Campbell d. prior to 1764 Dec 28, when: “Renunciation by Margaret Campbell, the widow, in favor of her son, Archibald Campbell. (Will of John Campbell)
  • 1764 Dec 31, in Somerset Co, estate papers name: Margritt, wife, Archibald, eldest son, Greear Brown fellow Bondsman, and an inventory valued at £78.13.6
  • In 1784, 20 years after the death of the above John Campbell, Archibald Campbell of Albany, NY advertised what was either his or his father’s farm, on the Bank of the Raritan River, as being for sale in the Political Intelligencer, New Brunswick. Interested parties are directed to Greear Brown or himself in Albany.

I have dedicated four sketches related to this John, his sister Jeanette who married Tobias Van Norden and a possible father Duncan:

From Electric Scotland, “Surveyor for Captain Lauchlin Campbell of the island of Isla was the surveyors, Archibald Campbell, of Raritan, New Jersey, and Christopher Yates, of Schenectady, who began their labors June 19, 1764…

Archibald Campbell lived in Albany, NY during his adult life and while many families of the time maintained homes in both NYC and NJ, Albany is 167 miles N. of Raritan, NJ so it’s doubtful he visited Raritan often if at all. There are a couple records with regards to his family at the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany.  Most significant is that it identifies his wife and a son Archibald.

      • 4/8/1778 baptism of Archibald  of Archibald Kemmel and Christina Starrenberg
      • 6/6/1784 baptism of Pieter, born 2/23/1784, of Pieter Vroman and Wyntje Redlif,
      • witnesses Archibald and Christina Camble

A short narrative about Archibald can be read here but I’ll summarize a facts which I have not collaborated but are very likely accurate.

      • By 1766, he was paying taxes on an Albany house.
      • In 1768, he married Christina Starenberg of the Schoharie Valley. The marriage produced In 1763, he is said to have been deeded a tract of family land in Albany County.
      • In 1772, he laid out a 1.15 million acre tract in the Adirondacks. He also made a number of maps of the city of Albany.
      • Represented Charlotte County in the Provincial Congress during Rev War. He also posted bail for some country people including his father-in-law
      • During the 1780s, his store “opposite Mr. Denniston’s tavern” was advertized in the Albany newspaper. He sold imported tea, sugar, and window glass.
      • He owned and leased a number of lots within the city limits.
      • In 1787, he served as an inspector in the first ward.
      • Member of the Albany Presbyterian church.
      • In 1785 he was the deputy State Surveyor.
      • In 1789, he patented 3,000 acres of bottomland (including two islands) in what became Tioga County.
      • He also owned lands in New Jersey and near Sacandaga.

It is from a transcription of his gravestone that we learn Archibald’s date of birth. Archibald d. 24 Apr 1793 the rest of the inscription reads, 57 y 10 m 23 d and mentions he was a surveyor. There are also 2 William Campbell’s buried in the Presbyterian Burial Ground; one could be an un-named son.

Other Sources:

    • “Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, NY 1683-1809”  C.T. Gotham, 1981
    • Gravestone inscription: “The annals of Albany, Volume 3”,  By Joel Munsell, p. 231 Available at Google Books
  1. bwaltier said:

    (Copied from another post)

    Thanks for such A treasure trove of info. My sister directed me to your site last week and we’ve both been pouring over it, hoping for that definitive ‘spark’ of certainty. We’ve been dead-ended at our ggggreat grandfather Archibald Campbell of Albany, m. Christina for years now. You have certainly done a great deal of research, but more importantly, have sorted out so much information and created a narrative that’s so much more than a collection of seemingly unrelated and sometimes contradictory data.

    Where to go from here. We’ve long suspected (from Archibald’s inheriting land there) that his father was in NJ and also that his name might be John, given Archibald’s first son is so named. We’ve been totally unable to find anything much more about him, beyond what you also have found. We do, though, know his immediate family-we descend through his son Jacob-and I have a copy of his (Archibald’s) will I’d be happy to scan and send to you (not always so legible) or transcribe and send.

    Most important in that is the mention of land in New Jersey, but it simply says “sale of lands laying in the state of New Jersey” no more descriptive. Other land included “sell the lands I own laying north of the town of Chemungo in the county if Tioga and 1,000 acres laying the the forks of Hudson’s river in a patent called Dartmouth.” He also bequeathed to his wife Christina “the lotts and the house in Albany…”

    I want to absorb what you’ve written more before I start throwing questions at you. But, thanks so much for reigniting our hope of discovering Archibald’s heritage, and ultimately precisely where in Scotland he/we hail from.

  2. bwaltier said:

    So glad to hear someone is researching Archi! Let me know if you find out anything – especially if my info needs correcting. And yes, you might get confused because at times I am confused… Ask all the questions you need!

    I do believe the John in NJ is the Father to your Archi – Making his mother’s name Margaret. Greear Brown might be important and I kind of thought he may have been related (by marriage?) to this family since he hung around for 20 years. I think I have come across Greear or his family in Monmouth Co, NJ as well.

    The question becomes… Who is John?

    I have always felt that John was the brother to Jenette Campbell Van Norden. Proving it is another matter! First he was of the right time frame and the right area (New Brunswick) – I have also always felt that your Archi had to be “well connected” to get the large survey projects that he did. The family of John and Jennette were connected and probably kept houses in NYC as well as NJ. Jennette for sure inherited part of one from her grandmother. The Van Norden’s were merchants and it wouldn’t surprise me if John was as well or something related. Archi would have been exposed to a lot of business men growing up if he was of this family. If you have access to NJ Will’s (getting originals) I would get a copy of John’s or at least flip through and see if you can find out anything.

    The other possibility is that John was an immigrant of Laughlins but I think that’s unlikely for a number of reasons.

    It wouldn’t surprise me that Archi had land in NJ outside of family land. I think he was paid in land for surveying sometimes. I believe this was true in WA CO and the Argyle patent. I’ll wait for you to read a bit more but I would appreciate your thoughts from a descendant point of view. If you can show that John was Jennette’s brother then it get’s you back even further with Duncan being the father of John and Archibald of NY his uncle.


  3. Leslie Campbell said:

    Hi Becky:

    I did transcribe Archi’s (as you fondly refer to him) will, so copy it here. I’ll fill you in on what else we have soon. I do think this might be the breakthrough we’ve been longing for. Thanks so much for all your work.

    The Last Will and Testament of Archibald Campbell recorded June 6th 1793

    In the name of God Amen I Archibald Campbell of the city and county of Albany, Surveyor, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be Almighty God, _____ same do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say)

    First I will that all my funeral charges be paid, out of my personal estate.

    Secondly I do order that all my outstanding debts may be collected with speed for to discharge my honest debts legally (?) I do order that my Executors do make sale of my lands laying in the State of New Jersey as quick as may be convenient and should they make sale of said lands within three years from this date than my son John shall draw out of said monies the sum of twenty pounds for each year that he is deprived of the benefits arising from said lands and the remainder of the monies of said sale is to enable my Executors to pay my debts of the legacies as they shall become due and to maintain and school my young children as they shall find necessary and in the case the aforesaid lands cannot be sold conveniently than I do order that they do sell the lands I own laying north of the town of Chemungo in the County of Tioga and one thousand acres laying the in the forks of hudson’s River in a patent called Dartmouth for the before mentioned purposes,

    Fourthly, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Christina the lotts and the house in Albany for to live in with a negro wench for the raising of the mall children during her natural life provided she remains my widow, but should she marry and her husband prove friendly to my young children then they may remain in said house but should he prove to be unfriendly to them then it shall be lawful for my executors to put them out of said house and take charge of said house and my young children and maintain them and school then as before prescribed and from that time she is to quit all claim or pretensions (?) of holding any part of my estate only what my executors is to pay unto her the sum of fifty pounds and from and after that time she is discharged and acquitted from having any power to act as an executrix.

    Fifthly, I give and bequeath unto my son John fifty five pounds which he is to receive within two years after my decease.

    Sixthly, I give and bequeath unto my eldest daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas Bisbrown fifteen shillings to be paid to her within one year after my decease.

    Seventhly, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah the sum of twenty pounds to be paid unto her within three months after marriage and the sum of forty pounds to be paid unto her when she arrives to years of twenty.

    Eighthly, I give and bequeath unto my three youngest daughters Sarah Caty and Elizabeth by name the sum of sixty pounds to be paid unto each of them within six months after their marriages or at the arrival of eighteen __whichever first happens and in case any of my daughters should die before times aforesaid then it shall be equally divided between the __ sisters.
    Ninthly, I divide unto my five (?) sons all the _____ that I am possessed (?) of at the time of my decease even the part of the land that will be sold for the maintaining of the children and to discharge the debts to be equally divided _____ them and should it so happen that any of my five youngest should die before marriage or having heirs than these shares of my ______ shall be equally divided between the remaining sons and _____ is an agreement in my possession by which I am to receive a Title of a Tract of Land near Sacindaga and should _____ heirs obtain a title for said lands than my executors _____ to my beloved wife the sum of thirty pounds and to each of _____youngest daughters twenty pounds as soon as they can _____sell some part of said land.

    Tenthly, all the remainder of my personal estate excepting the monies, bonds,notes, book debts to be divided between my loving wife and children excepting my daughter Margaret.

    Lastly, my will of mind is that there is a division made within three years after my decease of my estate between my children and within three years after said division my sons John and Jacob each of them shall pay fifty pounds _____ be equally divided between my younger sons thereby _____ my beloved wife Christina executrix and my sons John and Jacob executors of this my last will and testament and as guardian _____ my ——— (actually in will) children until they arrive to the years of fourteen hereby revoking all former wills by me made _____ _____ I have hereunto set my hand ad seal this _____ day of February in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred ninety three.

    Signature and seal of Archibald

    the word (Christina) between 12 and 11 lines from the top on the 2nd page (first underlined?)
    signed sealed and delivered in presence of us Robert Harrison (?) William Fryer, P. Sternberg.
    County of Albany for be it remembered that on the fifth day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety three personally appeared before me Abraham C. Lansing Surrogate of the said county Robert Harrison (?) and William Fryer of the City of albany she being respectively duly sworn on their _____ deceased that they did see Archibald Campbell late of the said city of Albany, Surveyor, deceased sign and set the instrument _____ on this sheet of paper and witnessed him deliver it for the _____ mentioned that at the time thereof he the said Archibald Campbell was of sound disposing mind and memory to the best knowledge of these deponents that their names subscribed thereto re respectively of their own proved (?) hand writing and that they did also see Peter Sternbergh the other witness thereto sub scribe his name in the presence of the said Archibald Campbell and also that Christina Campbell the Executrix and John Campbell and Jacob Campbell the executors in the said instruments named _____ appeared before me and were duly sworn to the faithful performance and execution thereof by taking the usual oath as executors.

    Signed by Abm C. Lansing surrogate of the county of Albany

  4. bwaltier said:

    WOW! Thank you so much! There isn’t a lot of info on this family out there so this helps. I don’t recognize any names but I wouldn’t expect to. I must say I feel bad for Margret (named for Archi’s mother?) she must have done something to Archi – lol – Or maybe he gave her something before he died.

    I don’t want to get you the impression I searched long and hard for a connection between John and Jennette and came up with nothing… I didn’t! There is probably evidence I missed. When studying ENJ Campbells I was collecting names and most of them fell into place. Locating John on a map and understanding when he bought his land might be helpful.

    Let me know what you find out or if I can help in any way! I’ll go through my stuff later and see if I have any notes that might help you out.

  5. Jennifer M. Schultz said:

    Hoping to find a more clear connection between Archibald and Christina (Sternberg) Campbell and George Campbell who is found in Schoharie for the 1810 US Federal Census. Currently my assumption is that he is one of their “un-named” sons referenced in the will. Their son Dr. Jacob Campbell named one of his children George (per a NSDAR Membership Application) and possibly after his brother’s name? Let me know if you ever come across a George Campbell and a birth/baptismal reference.

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