33 – Campbells of Bergen Co, NJ: Archibald Campbell of Campbell’s Tavern, Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack, NJ is in Bergen County and while it has always been called Hackensack, officially its name was New Barbadoes Township until 1921. Anyone searching in this area should search both names although in my experience, Hackensack is more common.

I have eliminated this family as relatives of the Campbells for whom I am searching but I write about them so that I can avoid any confusion (of my own) later on.

Speaking of confusion, there are 2 other Campbell Taverns in NJ, all about the same time. Besides the one in Hackensack, there is another in Buena (southern NJ), also owed by an Archibald Campbell.  You can read more about that Campbell Tavern here.  Another Campbell Tavern was located in Fresh Ponds, NJ, near Cranbury, in Middlesex, Co NJ.  I will discuss that Tavern in a different sketch.

Archibald Campbell of Bergen Co, NJ, d. 28 Dec 1798 at the age of 68 (b. 1730). He m. Catherine Weir in N. Ireland and was said to come to this country prior to his wife and son Robert, who followed him later. His other 4 children were b. in America. He owned and operated a Tavern visited by Gen George Washington during the Rev War. His will can be found in the New Jersey Colonial Documents Calendar of Wills: 1801 – 1805

  • 1799, Jan. 3. Campbell, Archibald, of Bergen County; will of. Wife, Catherine, real and personal estate, during her widowhood. After her deceased or remarriage; real estate to be divided into 5 parts. Sons, Robert, John and George and daughter, Hannah Campbell each 1/5 part. Son, Archibald, 1/5 part in trust with son, Robert, for said sons support during his life. Residue of personal to be divided between my children. Executors – wife, Catherine, and sons, Robert, John and George. Witnesses – John Van Bueren, Alexander James, and Ann Campbell. Proved February 10, 1801.

Of the 5 children of Archibald, only George and Dr. John had children although I could be wrong as I haven’t studied this family outside of what I have found on the Internet. The bulk of information comes from a lawsuit brought by George G. Campbell, nephew to Robert Campbell. If you are interested in this family, then I would highly recommend reading:

Reports of Cases determined in the Court of Chancery and in the Prerogative Court and, on appeal, in The Court of Errors and Appeals in the State of New Jersey: VOL. IV” by George B Halsted, Reporter. This case starts on p. 356. You can link to it here. Much genealogical info can be gleaned from the lawsuit although I have only skimmed looking for names.

Children of Archibald Campbell, Sr

Robert Campbell was a successful lawyer in Hackensack and is easily researched. He was b. 1766 and d. 5 Jul 1846. Robert never married and did not have children. There is an inventory of his personal papers here: www.nj.gov/state/archives/guides/pcamp001.pdf  Robert’s estate was the subject of the lengthy lawsuit mentioned above. His estate was being sued by his nephew George G Campbell (s/o his brother George).

Dr. John Campbell was a physician in Hackensack. He was b. 13 Feb 1770 and d. in 1814. His will is dtd 1814 Mar 13, New Barbadoes Twsp, Bergen Co, Doctor. It lists only Jane his wife. Jane died in 1853. She was age 79 in 1849 and she and Dr John are buried next to each other in Hackensack. Their children as discussed in the lawsuit (there may be more).

  • Robert I Campbell – d. 1 June 1846. Funeral: 3 June 1846
  • Ann Marie m. unk Cummings
  • Aldophus W Campbell

More info re: Adolphus W. Campbell from lawsuit (Son of Dr John):

  • Adolphus W. Campbell, nephew of Robert Sr.
  • Ellen Campbell, dau of Adolphus
  • Garret Myer, father in law of Adolphus
  • Jane Amos, dau of Adolphus

Hannah Campbell. She never married

  • Mrs. Jane Campbell (widow of Dr. John) testified in the lawsuit: “I was intimately acquainted with Robert Campbell before my marriage, was intimate in the family. I had charge of his sister Hannah in her deranged state for some years. She was a maiden lady she resided with Robert Campbell and kept house for him until she became deranged. He supported her in her deranged state.”
  • Hannah was mentioned in a release and quitclaim of John Campbell and Jane, his wife, (Dr. John) and Hannah Campbell to Robert Campbell for 9.19 acres in the Town of Hackensack, 16 December 1814.
  • She was referred to as Hannah Campbell in a Release of Resolve Campbell to Robert Campbell to rights to real estate of his late aunt, Hannah Campbell, in New Barbadoes & Lodi Twps., 26 February 1841 [in oversized box].  The source of these papers are Roberts papers: www.nj.gov/state/archives/guides/pcamp001.pdf
  • Finally, there is a will made by a Hannah Campbell dtd 1807 Oct 26 of Bergen Twnshp and Co, with the inventory being sworn to by Rynier Earl and Daniel Earl. Sworn to by Abraham Allen Adm’r 28 Mar 1808. No other details are given. I very much doubt this Hannah is the dau of the above Archibald because of the above deed dtd 16 Dec 1814. In addition, it is very likely that Robert would have handled her estate – not Abraham Allen.

Archibald Campbell Jr: The only reference to Archibald Jr I have found, outside of Archibald Sr’s will, is the following will:

  • 1779, June 16. Van Emburgh, Gilbert, of new Barbadoes, Bergen Co.; will of. Wife, Catherin, a sufficient support out of my real estate. To Gilbert Van Emburgh, son of my brother, Simon £50 when he comes of age. To Archd Campbell Jr, son of Archd Campbell, inn keeper in Hackensack £40, when he is 21. To my friend, Archd Campbell, of new Barbadoes, innholder, rest of the estate. Executors – friends, Archibald Campbell and Guilliam Bertolf. Witnesses – Jacob Bouwer, Jr., James Cutter, Thomas Shepherd. Proved March 24, 1784

I don’t know the connection for the above will.

The fact that Sr left Jr’s part of the estate in trust with his brother Robert for his maintenance may indicate something was not right health-wise with Archibald Jr. No mention of a wife or children.

I should mention there is a grave for an Archibald Campbell in the First Dutch Reformed Churchyard where other family members are buried. He died 13 Nov 1830 at age 35y 4m 15d. This Archibald would have been b. in 1795 so I think it’s more likely that this Archibald is a son to either George (below) or Dr. John (above).

George Campbell. On page 412 of the lawsuit there is testimony of George Campbell, the brother of Robert Campbell, deceased, and father of George G Campbell, claimant.

Another source worth reading: “History of Bergen and Passaic counties, New Jersey” by William Nelson, published 1882, page 192 (google books) states George was b. 24 June 1772 and d. 11 March 1864. He married Margaret Kingsland, Children of George and Margaret Campbell from lawsuit (there may be more)

  • George G. Campbell (m. Sarah Jenkins) : Brought Lawsuit against Estate of Robert Campbell (his Uncle)
  • Robert Campbell, became a prominent attorney in Hackensack
  • Lousia m. Robert S. Gould. Raised by her Uncle Robert
  • Ann Eliza (age 22 in 1849)
  • Samuel

From:  NY Times, Saturday, Mar 12, 1864, On Friday, March 11, after a short illness, George Campbell, in the 92d year of his age. The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the First Reformed Dutch Church in the Village of Hackensack, NJ, on Sunday, the 13th inst., at 3 P.M. http://distantcousin.com/obits/ny/1800/1864/mar/12/campbellgeorge.html

I have seen George being referred to as having been murdered in 1779 during the revolution. This is the George to whom they are referring:

  • The detachment of the enemy that landed in Bergen County on Monday . . . consisted of about 1,000 men, composed of several different corps, under the command of Col[onel] Van Buskirk. Their path in this incursion was marked with desolation and unprovoked cruel murders. Not a house with their reach belonging to a Whig inhabitant escaped. Mr. Abraham Allen and George Campbell fell a prey to these more than savage men. Two negro women, who were endeavoring to drive off some cattle belonging to their masters, were also murdered. Mr Joost Zabriskie was stabbed in thirteen different places. (Damages by British, njsl, Hackensack Precinct no. 10 on 3 nja [2] 391) http://www.thehermitage.org/history/history_people_prevost_george_tell_me_militaryactions.html

The George who was murdered was not the son of Archibald Campbell Sr. He was probably a relative to Hannah Campbell who left a will in 1807 because of the name Abraham Allen and Allen family mention in Hannah’s will. I don’t think that Hannah is the daughter of Archibald either. That said, it is very possible they are somehow related to this family.

Campbell’s Tavern

Archibald Campbell Sr owned a tavern in Hackensack, George Washington was said to have dined there several times in 1776. There is a story that on his last visit, Archibald asked him…. ‘ General, what shall I do, I have a family of small children and a little property here; shall I leave it?’ Washington kindly took his hand and replied, ‘Mr. Campbell, stay by your property and keep neutral,’

This appears to have worked for most of the war until:

“In the latter part of March, 1780, a party of about 400 British, Hessians, and refugees, passed through Hackensack on their way to attack some Pennsylvania troops …… One half of the enemy marched quietly through. When the rear, consisting mostly of Hessians, arrived, they broke open the doors and windows, robbed and plundered, and took prisoners a few peaceable inhabitants, among whom was Mr. Archibald Campbell. This gentleman, who had been for several weeks confined to his bed with the rheumatism, they forced into the street and compelled to follow them. Often in their rear, they threatened to shoot him if he did not hasten his pace. In the subsequent confusion he escaped and hid in the cellar of a house opposite the New Bridge. He lived until 1798, and never experienced a return of the rheumatism.

Other Sources:


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