Siblings of Matthew Campbell

In case you haven’t read the sketch on Matthew Campbell, here is what I’m guessing the genealogy looks like:

Matthew’s father, John Campbell d. prior to 1741. His unk widow died after 1752 and probably after 1756. William Thompson administered the estate. Children of John Campbell are:

  1. Mathew Campbell b. abt 1730-1733, date of birth based on 1752 testimony of Thompson that he couldn’t bargain with an infant under 21.
  2. Joseph Campbell
  3. Mary Campbell, guardian was Daniel Stover since 1744
  4. James Campbell: In 1748, his guardian was Daniel Stover. On 28 Nov 1750: he was bound to Samuel Been.
  5. John Campbell b. abt 1740 (was 16 in 1756). He was probably the youngest of this family. He married an unknown Maxwell prior to 1765. She was probably the dau of John Maxwell. In 1748, his guardian was Daniel Stover. On 27 Nov 1750: he was bound out to James McCay. In 1756 his guardian was John Maxwell (John was 16). He probably married one of John Maxwell’s daughters as in 1765 John is referred to as son-in-law of Maxwell.

If you are still confused, read: Mathew Campbell “One Armed School Teacher” of Augusta Co VA . Next I will detail what I know about the siblings of Matthew and not in any particular order.

James Campbell

I know nothing except what is detailed above. However, in my opinion, he is of the right time frame to be the James Campbell who married Lettice Taylor.  That said, there are LOTS of opinions on James and Lettice and I don’t want to jump in.  I would be EXTREMELY interested if someone from this line has participated in the DNA project.

I think the descendants of James and Lettice Campbells are leaning toward the White David Branch of the Augusta Co VA Campbells. That could be easily confirmed by DNA and IF they don’t match, I think this line is a reasonable alternative.

Comments please – do you know of a participant (James and Lettice) in the DNA project that I don’t?

UPDATE: I accidentally happened on a a Chancery record for Lunenburg Co: George Walton Vrs James Cammel (Alias James Campbell). Since Matthew and Josiah were in Lunenburg I thought this was interesting.  I don’t think anyone has figured out this family completely

  • James Campbell b. abt 1720 and m. Susannah Leak abt 1751. They later move to Richmond, NC. You can read more about them here.

I’m not sure if they’re guessing about the birth date of James or what.  If he were b. abt 1735, I’d think he was right for one of the brothers. 1720 is a bit early for this James, however, if I find a good email for a researcher, I’ll ask and update what I learn.

Mary Campbell

So who would have thought my greatest success in finding out about any of these Campbells would be searching for a Mary Campbell who married someone in Augusta Co VA around 1760 through 1770? Not me!

I am quoting from: Funkhouser Ancestry

  • Abraham Funkhouser, Sr., was an older brother of Christian, and son of John Funkhauser, Sr. Abraham married Magdalena Campbell, an orphan of a man named John Campbell, who was raised by Daniel Stover, prominent Mennonite in the Massanutten region.
  • Abraham and Magdalena had 8 children to survive, but may have lost a few as children because of the age gaps in known children.

Another place to read about Daniel Stauffer/Stover is: Halbstein and Parrish Family Tree

From various sources, Daniel Stover was b. 1707 and came to VA via Lancaster Co, PA. He was a leader of the Mennonite Community. You can read about the settlement here: The Beard Family History Wiki. This gives excellent background on migrations in addition to outlining the Beard family that one runs into while researching this family. From that page:

  • …..  There we first look at the earliest settlements in this part of Virginia, in present day Rockingham County, around the western edges of the great Massanutten range. Present day Rockingham County, formed in 1778 from Augusta County, is drained by three creeks which figure in this early history. They are Cub Run, Mill Creek, and Williams Run, which was then called Stoney Lick Branch. All three feed into the Shenandoah. From this area of settlement, we move just sixty or so miles southwest to the Cowpasture River area.

While all of the above information is interesting, nothing about the life of Mary/Magdalena Campbell Funkhouser points to whom these Campbells were outside of possibly originating in PA and possibly being associated with the Mennonite community. I didn’t find any indications that she remained near her brothers after marrying and starting her own family but I didn’t look that hard.

John Campbell

I thought John Campbell would be the easiest sibling to trace but I have come up empty handed.  We know in 1756, John Maxwell became the guardian to John Campbell and in 1765 he was referred to as a son-in-law of Maxwell.  I have skimmed several books and performed several searches but I can’t find a John Campbell who was b. abt 1740 as ever marrying a Maxwell.

I think I’ve done a decent job of searching but if you really want to learn about the Maxwell family, I recommend starting here: Maxwell Tapestry  I don’t know who is responsible for the site but I’m impressed with the way they have arranged their information and the amount of work they have done although as with every other site, you must verify information with your own research. The Maxwell Tapestry page has a timeline for whom I think is the John Maxwell, guardian to John Campbell here: John Maxwell of Botetourt. They missed the record of John Campbell as the son-in- law to John Maxwell but it probably wasn’t specific enough:

  • 1765 FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. – page 120, John Campbell, son-in-law of Maxwell (pg 400-409)

Maybe John married a dau of a Maxwell that wasn’t his guardian. That said, John Maxwell did have 2 or 3 (maybe more?) daughters and I haven’t found marriages for any of them.

    1. Mary
    2. Margaret (maybe same as Mary)
    3. Rebecca

I’ll talk about more possibilities when discussing Josiah Campbell.

Joseph / Josiah Campbell

Josias Campbell

Josiah Campbell’s Inventory notation in the Mercer County KY Will Book

When searching the early records of the area, you find a few references to Joseph Campbell and some for a Josiah or Josias Campbell. I think they may be the same person.

It probably has to do with the interpretation of the name while transcribing documents and any abbreviation of the name. Jos or Joh is bound to be interpreted as the more common Joseph vrs Josiah. In Mercer County, he is transcribed as Joseph, yet we know it was Josiah. Also Josiah could also be written as Josias so be flexible!

From: Descendants of John Mitchell. (MY NOTE: I have not personally verified) Josiah Campbell was b. abt 1736 and m. Susannah Mitchell in 1762, Bedford Co, VA. Josiah and Susannah had the following children:

  • John Campbell m. Nancy Jones
  • David Campbell
  • Betsey Elizabeth Campbell b. Bedford Co., Va
  • Mary Enos Campbell m. (1) Martin Jones; m. (2) Phillip Shuck.
  • Susanna Campbell, m. Jeremiah Gowen.
  • Margaret Campbell, b. 1777, Bedford Co., Va; m. William Smith
  • Robert Campbell
  • Molly Campbell
  • Frances Campbell

In nearby Lunenburg Co, VA we find a John and Josias Campbell living near each other on Falling River:

  • 16 Aug 1756: John Campbell (VPB 33:30) 400a Lunenburg/ on little falling River
  • 16 Aug 1756  John Campbell (VPB 33:41)  416a Lunenburg/ on Little Falling River
  • 10 Jul 1767  Josias Campbell (VPB 36:1062) 376a Lunenburg/ on Hatt Cr. (of Falling River)

Could John be the brother of Josiah? I doubt it.

Remember if I have the right John who became the guardian of John Maxwell, ended up marrying a Maxwell and was 16 years old in 1756 – then by the above dates, he would own property when he was sixteen. Doubtful. Could it be some odd date having to do with land originally owned by his father? Maybe, but original deed needs to be examined before we go there.

Some researchers hypothesize that John Campbell of Little Falling River is the son of James Campbell of the James River in Augusta Co. James married Margaret Beard. Their son John was b. abt 1712-1720 married Rebecca White. If John of Little Falling River is part of the James River group, then he is too old to be a sibling of Mathew nor is he the father (IMO) as he probably dies well after 1741.

Back to Josiah…

Josiah was at the estate sale of Matthew Campbell in 1763 (Lunenburg Co) along with a Sarah Campbell who I suspect was Matthew’s wife. He eventually moved his family to Mercer Co Ky – about the same time my family (and many other families) migrated. He died there in 1811. You can see a copy of his will and inventory here. In the 1752, Chancery records of Matthew Campbell vrs Wm Thompson (his guardian), there was mention of a Bible that belonged to Matthew.  I was hoping that Josiah acquired the Bible at the estate sale and it would appear in Josiah’s inventory (some 48 years later) but no such luck.

There are several posted genealogies on the web that say the father of Josiah is John Campbell who married Elizabeth Walker. I will cover this family in a future sketch as I studied them a few years back but I’ll say here, I doubt this connection. I haven’t seen any evidence or sources. I have also seen a reference to Josiah’s middle name as being Bedford I am not aware of the source but it may be from a Journal of a grandson (?) as the poster of the diary, copied below, referred to Josiah as Josiah Bedford Campbell.

Journal of John C. Smith

Some wonderful person posted an excerpt of a journal of the grandson of Josiah. You can read the journal and the responses here: Excerpt from the diary:

My father (William Smith) was born on James River under Tobaccorrow Mt., Amherst Co., Va. He imigrated to the state of Ky.about the year of 1792 or 1793. He stopped in Mercer Co. where he became acquainted with my mother, a girl of abour 14 or 15 years of age, her name was Margaret Campbell, the daughter of Josiah Campbell. My mother was born in the year of our Lord 1777, in Bedford Co., va. My grandmother Campbell’s name was Susannah Mitchell before she was married. The exact time my grandfather migrated to Ky. from Va. I am unable to say, but it was at a very early date, for I have heard my mother say she was a very little girl at the time, so small and young that she could only remember a part of the incidents that took place on the way. My grandfather did not venture alone but I think about sixty souls in number. After a lone and tedious journey the arrived and settled in Mercer Co. where my grandfather and grandmother resided and brought up numerous offspring living and enjoying all the priviledges of the Presbyterian Church. My grandfather had a distillery, but I supppose he did not carry it on very extensively as he had a farm to cultivate and was also a blacksmith by trade. I think my grandfathers Mitchell and Campbell we both Irish and came to America in Company together.

This journal was finisher March 21, 1876 written by John C. Smith.

That sounds like a clue!

Susannah Mitchell, wife of Josiah

Unless otherwise stated, I am taking my information on Susannah’s family from here which I have not researched personally. Susanna Mitchell’s father was Robert Mitchell who was b. abt 1714 and d. 1799. Robert gave Josiah land in his will which was dtd 1781. At the above linked site we find:

  • About the middle of the eighteenth century Robert Mitchell and his wife, whose maiden name was Mary Enos, Ennis, of Welch extraction, emigrated from the North of Ireland to America. They settled at Pequea, PA for a brief period. They then removed to Bedford Co., VA.

Pequea is in Lancaster Co, PA and was a large Mennonite Community. Remember, Mary Campbell was raised by Daniel Stover/Stauffer who was probably of the same community. Someone posted a part of a booklet about Pequea entitled “1710 Settlement Tour Resource Information Booklet, pp 1-6, by Samuel E. Wegner, Mennonite Historical Society. The document does not mention Daniel Stauffer (Stover) but it does mention a Hans Stauffer. It does not mention a Campbell or a Mitchell but, it confirms that Pequea was a Mennonite settlement and gives a nice history. I linked the above title to the document. The Pequea settlement contained 10,000 acres and the land went fast.

Robert Mitchell’s father was John Mitchell. He was b. abt 1682 in Londenderry, Northern Ireland and his wife’s name was Mary Boyd. He died in 1771 in Augusta Co.

History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania By Franklin Ellis, Samuel Evans (Tittle Linked).

  • In 1720, the township of West Conestoga was erected embracing all the territory west of Pequea Creek. In 1722 this name was changed to Donegal in deference to the Scotch Irish settlers who then composed nearly the entire population of that township. Their names including a few Germans who resided between Pequea and Conestoga Creeks were: Patrick Campbell, James Mitchell, John Mitchell (plus many more names- see p. 20)


  • The Mitchells: James Mitchell was a land surveyor. He was appointed a justice of the peace for Donegal township in 1722 when it was part of Chester County. In the same year, he was one of the commissioners appointed to survey Springgettsbury Manor on the west side of the river and when the temporary line was run between Pennsylvania and Maryland in 1739. James Mitchell, John Galbraith, John Mitchell, John Kelly, Francis Stewart, Gordon Howard, and Alexander Mitchell all of Donegal assisted the commissioners of the two provinces. He was elected a member of Assembly for the years 1727, 1744-46. In the year 1741, he was elected sheriff of the county. He and James Le Tort held a treaty with the Nanticoke and other Indians at Conoy in 1723. James Mitchell owned and resided upon a farm which lay south of John Galbraith miller and east of John Stewart’s and between the Marietta and Mount Joy turnpike and Little Chikis Creek. He died in 1747 leaving the following named children: James, Alexander, Thomas, William, Jean, Rachel, Mary, Margaret. Thomas Mitchell, brother of John, not the one mentioned above, died in 1734 and left children John, Martha, McCary, Jean, and Jennet.

I am not saying that the John Mitchell’s referenced above were the grandparent’s of Susannah Mitchell (wife of Josiah) because I haven’t studied him in any depth. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.  However, it does indicate that there were Mitchells in the same area as Campbells which is enough for my purposes at the moment. In addition, we know that Mary Campbell, who I’m presuming to be the sister to Josiah, was raised by Daniel Stover/Staffer of PA and a leader of the Mennonite Community. This, along with the statement of John C Smith in his diary (that the Campbell’s and Mitchell’s came to America together) seems to indicate that the father of Matthew, Josiah, James, Mary and John may have lived in Lancaster Co, PA prior to living in SW VA.

My next sketch will expand on this and some other thoughts I have about the parents of Matthew Campbell.

  1. Ann H. Stewart said:

    i’m a direct descendant of JOsiah Campbell, live in KY. Would love to hear from you.

  2. Good post on the Campbell research. You are moving in the right direction with your research. You have your Mitchell lines confused, however. Robert Mitchell (1714-1799) was not a son of John Mitchell and Mary Boyd. I can suggest some primary sources for your research. Keep writing!

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