The Parents of Mathew Campbell

Let me start by saying that I have taken several leaps of faith to get to this point in my study of Mathew Campbell.  In fact, just about everything I know of Mathew and his family is an assumption. Here is a summary:

  • James, John and Mary were Mathew’s siblings
  • Joseph was also his sibling.
  • Joseph is the same person as Josiah/Josiahs in the surrounding areas.
  • John was the name of Mathew’s father..
    • I assume his father was John because the name of the father of Matt’s assumed siblings (above) was John.
    • Wm Thompson (Matt’s guardian) had administration of the estate of a John Campbell in 1741.

So if you found this sketch from a web search, you might want to read my last two sketches to see how I arrived at these assumptions. Please make up your own mind, verify my interpretation of the sources and as always, let me know if you disagree with anything posted. I worry about having wrong information being repeated over and over.

So… who were the parents of Mathew Campbell?

From Lancaster Co, PA

The best lead comes from the diary of a grandson of Josiah Campbell named John C Smith. You can read the entire entry in my sketch: Siblings of Mathew Campbell

  • I think my grandfathers Mitchell and Campbell we both Irish and came to America in Company together.

The area to which the Mitchell’s and Campbell’s came is Lancaster Co, PA. Unfortunately, Lancaster is also the home of the “White” David Campbell family. While I don’t want to offend any member of this distinguished family, it is well known that there is bad information surrounding the earliest members of this family. Almost nothing can be believed (unless sourced – which is rare).

In one of my “frustrated with these Campbells!!” moments, I wrote a sketch (it’s slightly grouchy): Augusta: John Campbell who m. Grissel Hay (Patrick). I linked the sketch but look at the top of the blog and you will the post. Because of DNA, I’m sure I do not connect to this family in any reasonable time frame (probably around Adam and Eve).

That said, there is more than one group of Campbell’s in the Lancaster area so it needs to be explored further. For now it will have to wait for a future sketch.

John Campbell died 1741 or 1744?

I think John probably died 1741 but something significant regarding guardianship may have happened c. 1744.

  • “William Thompson qualified as administrator of John Campbell in 1741, John Lewis security…” (Source: Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871 By Joseph Addison Waddell, p. 385)
  • My Note: For the record, Waddell assumed the John Campbell (above) is the John who belonged to the White David family. I disagree. You can see this sketch for the reason why.

Then, we have Daniel Stover who was the guardian to some of the children (John, James, and Mary) and in 1750, the records seem to clarify that he had been her guardian since 1744.

  • 27 Aug 1750: Orphan Mary Campbell bound to Daniel Stover (past 6 years). page 437 (Page 62)

What is interesting is that in 1752 (Chancery record) Mathew clarified that Thompson had been his guardian for 8 years. 1752 – 8 yrs gives us a date of 1744. From other records we know Thompson had guardianship of Joseph (prob AKA Josiah/Josias) and John in addition to Mathew.

Prior Guardian?

There is a chance that Matthew had a different guardian for a few years prior to prior to William Thompson in 1744. Look at the first line in the accounting:

MC Inventory- Widow Sample“So paid to the Widow Campbell for (your?) board before I was your Guardian”

But, even if we start with the latest possible date of death for John Campbell (1744) it’s not very helpful.

By 1743, Daniel had moved to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Daniel was one of the leaders of the Mennonite community, and prior to moving he probably have lived in Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Sources: here and here ) . From what we know of Josiah Campbell (brother to Matt), we can theorize he came from the same general area as Stover. As to whether Stover knew John Campbell (father) in PA I can’t say, but Stover was in Augusta by 1743(ish) so it really doesn’t matter –

John Campbell’s family was there by 1741…

John Campbell married a Mennonite?

As for family names, Josiah has a definite Quaker (perhaps Mennonite) flair but undoubtedly John came from PA or possibly NJ which had large Quaker communities so perhaps his wife was a Quaker or Mennonite. I don’t know. Then there is the Daniel Stover connection along with the establishment of a large Mennonite community in Lancaster Co, PA. This settlement was very close to where I suspect John Campbell resided (Donegal).

Additional Court records

One ray of hope might lie in the Court records of Orange County. From the accounting we find that Wm Thompson made 2 trips to Orange to appear in court.

MC Inventory- Journey to Orange

I don’t have access to Orange Co records right now but if anyone comes across a Mathew Campbell and/or Wm Thompson, please let me know! I hope to look this up one day.


The fastest way to learn more about Mathew Campbell and his family would be searching original records of Orange and Augusta Co, VA – even those of Chalkley. Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy access at the moment so I will have to research what I can about Lancaster Co, PA and separate some Campbells.  I’ll post my work as I go however, unless a major breakthrough happens on this line, I probably won’t write any more posts dedicated to him.  I expect he will come up from time to time.  You can always find other Mathew mentions in this blog by clicking the hashtag: Mathew Campbell School Teacher below.


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