Patrick Campbell of Lancaster Co, PA

Let me start by saying… As a word of caution, I am writing this post with far less information than I normally like to have and I’m sure there will be follow-ups and many corrections to come. I am hoping someone can step in and help with information but don’t take anything I say as gospel. In the meantime…

 If you know anyone discussed in this sketch…  Even if you’re not sure but it might be a possibility….  Leave a comment or email me (addy below)

There is a Patrick Campbell who lived and died in Lancaster Co, PA.

I knew of a Patrick in Lancaster, PA but, for many years I had assumed he was the Patrick related to the family of John Campbell and Grace Hay who moved to Augusta Co, VA. I was mistaken. This is not the same Patrick.

Recently, digitized several probate records including those of Lancaster Co, PA.  You can choose the county you would like to search here. In Wills 1730-1773 Vol A-B, on page 656 (Image # 469) you will find the Will of Patrick Campbell.  I am going to summarize here but please go read it yourself (and let me know if you have any corrections).  I will also post at the bottom of the page.

Will of Patrick Campbell, Donegal, Lancaster Co, PA. 

Written, 17 June 1772 – Proven 27 Jul 1772.
Wife: Mary Campbell – 168A he now lives on.
Campbell Smith “son of my son in law William Smith of Baltimore Town”
Martha Campbell “widow and relict of my brother David” was given (£10):

  1. Son of David: Patrick Campbell (£120)
  2. Son of David: David Campbell (£60)
  3. Dau of David: Mary Campbell (£10)
  4. Dau of David: Jean Campbell (£20)

Mentions a debt David said Patrick owed him. Patrick denies and qualifies the legacies

Robert Campbell, deceased, brother to Patrick:

  1. Son of Robert: Samuel (£30)

John Campbell, deceased, Relationship not stated:

  1. Son of John: Robert (£20)
  2. Son of John: William (£10)
  3. Son of John: John (£10)

Samuel (Prob the son of Robert above?)

  1. Son of Samuel: Robert (£10)
  2. Dau of Samuel: Mary (£5) (£10 divided equally amongst Mary & Agnus)
  3. Dau of Samuel: Agnus (£5)

Elizabeth Montgomery, widow of Patrick Montgomery (£20): Relationship not stated
Margaret Hutchison, widow of John Hutchison of Paxton Twnshp (£10): Relationship not stated
Rev Mr. Tate, pastor of the Donegal Meeting House, 30 shillings/year, if continue to be pastor and if (widow) has use of pew formally John Sates and adjoining the West door be appropriated for her use.
Mulotto Slave George Christie free at wife’s death (provided he be at age of 25)
Witt: Robert Spear, James Cook (? Abr) , Randal McLure.
Referred to him in death as Patrick Campbell, yeoman.
Exec: Wife Mary and William Smith (Son in Law)

Life of Patrick Campbell

I have listed my sources below since I am combining many references into one narrative. I could probably write a lot but it would be mostly plagiarizing. Best if you read the stories I referenced yourself. I apologize if it reads short and choppy but I am trying to stick to the what has already been written instead of injecting my own thoughts unnecessarily. I just don’t know enough about Patrick yet.

The first record I have found which probably belongs to this Patrick Campbell is a 1720 Tax List (See source #1 below, pg 759), the next is a 1721 Tax list for Conestoga where he was charged at £10. The following year (1722) he was again on the Conestoga Tax List being charged £16. Next he can be found on the 1724, 1725, and 1726 Tax Lists for Donegal Township.

Donegal was formed in 1722 and most likely the town formed around where he was already living.

Patrick was said to be an Indian Trader and owned a Tavern until his death. While I can’t be sure, he was probably the Constable of Donegal or Overseer of the Poor (in Donegal) in 1729 – not the Patrick who was the son of John Campbell and Grace Hay as is widely reported. This Patrick had been long established in the area and known to most.

He married Mary Smith, the widow of James Smith (maiden name unknown to me). James’ will was proven in June 1739. I do not know if it was Patrick’s first marriage nor do I know if he had any children. My theory is that he did not since he left large legacies to nephews and nieces.  I will point out, he did not mention his relationship to John Campbell (deceased), Elizabeth Montgomery, and Margaret Hutchison.  However, the size of the legacies would not indicate a father-child relationship in my opinion. That said, more information is needed.

One note on the marriage of Mary to James Smith. You may see her first husband referenced as (Capt.) Samuel Smith. My step mom (and partner in genealogy) found a reference to James and tracked down his will. Sure enough…  It appears James was the husband of Mary and the father to William Smith referenced in Patrick’s will.

In James’ will he requested that his land be placed in the name of his son William Smith who is said to have married a daughter of William Spear. I have yet to verify (I haven’t tried) however, at the PA State Archives there are Warrant Maps for many of the Townships of PA (so awesome!). We find Patrick’s Land on the Conoy 1 map of Lancaster Co.

He originally purchased his land from Samuel Smith. A bit further across, we see William Smith as well as a William Spear.  I have cut out at bit of the map (left) but be sure to see the map in it’s entirety here. There is also a cut out on the lower left Showing Patrick Campbell.

Mary Smith and Campbell Smith

Mary Smith and her grandson Campbell Smith. This painting is owned by the Smithsonian. More information (including a family history) can be found here:

Patrick Campbell first located upon land south of John Galbraith.  On the 1st day of May 1743, he purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land from Capt Samuel Smith Indian trader which was bounded on the west by Conoy Creek and upon the south by land of John Galbraith. The old Peters road ran through this land and crossed the creek at Erb’s mill and continued to James Logan’s ferry at Bainbridge. Capt Smith built a tavern on this road and as such it was continued by Mr. Campbell until his death. Like all of the early tavernkeepers he was a prominent and important personage. (Note: Paragraph was copied from Franklin Ellis And Samuel Evans book, #1, pg 751, referenced below)

On page 752 of the above referenced book, we find the heirs of Patrick Campbell selling his land to John Engle about 1773 or 1774. The Engle’s remained there for many years. Patrick’s Widow, Mary Smith, moved to Baltimore to live with her son by her first marriage, William Smith.  Campbell Smith (mentioned in Patrick’s will) is presumably the son of William. Campbell was a soldier in the Revolutionary War but I don’t know much about his family.

Not the family of John Campbell who married Grace Hay

For those who are familiar with the family of John Campbell who m. Grace Hay, it is apparent that this is a different Patrick. The names look the same, but the details are very different:

  • This Patrick was in America by 1720, the other did not come to America until 1726 per a descendant Gov. David Campbell (1779-1859).
  • This Patrick m. Mary Smith, the other married either Delilah Thompson or Elizabeth Taylor.
  • This Patrick Died in 1772 in Lancaster Co, PA, the other died in 1767, Augusta Co, VA

And probably the most compelling evidence:

  • Both Patrick’s had brothers named David, however the David who moved to Augusta Co, is well documented and known to have died in Washington Co, VA in 1790.  This is the “White David” often reference for this family. The Will Patrick in Lancaster Co’s lists a brother named David but he had died by 1772 (probably c. 1753).

If you need more information on the family of John Campbell who married Grace Hay, I will point you to sources below.

Siblings of Patrick

I have only begun researching the family members Patrick mentioned in his will.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  I know a bit about David Campbell who died prior to Patrick.  He married Martha Byers. Martha was the daughter of David and Mary Byers of Donegal. Her father is said to have d. 20 May 1743. Her brother was John Byers.

I will write more of David in my next sketch.


I don’t have much more to say about Patrick and am hoping others have more information. I am THRILLED to have found him and so very thankful to the folks at LDS for doing the work they do.

For those of you who were following my posts on Mathew Campbell “One Armed School Teacher” , you may want to poke around Donegal, Lancaster Co, PA as well.  The last lead I had on him was that the family of Josias Campbell (who I suspect is a brother to Mathew). That family is said to have come to America with the Mitchell’s. This information is found in the Journal of John C. Smith and I wrote about it here. I tracked the Mitchell name to a John Mitchell who is also on the tax lists sourced below. I am so excited about Patrick, I had to put the Mitchell’s on the back burner for now but I’m still on the look out.

If you know anything about ANYONE in this family leave a comment. If you are shy, you can email me directly at rmg8243 (@)  gmail DOT com.

I will leave it to you to format the address


Life of Patrick Campbell

  1. History of Lancaster Pennsylvania With Biographical Sketches of Many Of Its Pioneers And Prominent Men By Franklin Ellis And Samuel Evans. Pub 1883. Many pages reference the Campbells. The book is searchable.
  2. The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 28, Pub 1877, P.64 footnotes – and probably others. This is another book that needs to be studied more than I have.  Not all the footnotes I referenced belong to this family; however there are a few that deserve further investigation. I couldn’t find this in google books but the PDF version is searchable.
  3. Notes and queries: Chiefly relating to Interior Pennsylvania, Volume 1, Pub 1887, Edited by William Henry Egle: Page 270, 281
  4. The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 29, Pub 1905, Pages 249-250
  5. Historical Papers and Addresses of the Lancaster County Historical Society, V1, Pub 1896-7, Page 308 (Note: I mention this reference as I believe it is in error. It states that the 1st husband of Mary was Capt. Samuel Smith however the Will of James Smith is clear that his wife’s name was Mary and his son was William Smith)
  6. History of Lancaster County, By Israel Daniel Rupp, Pub 1844, pages: 250, 253
  7. A History of the Presbyterian Church in America. By Rev. Richard Webster, Pub 1857. NOTE: There is nothing specific to Patrick in this Book but other Campbell’s of the area are mentioned so if you’re researching this family, you’ll want to check it out.

Tax Lists

  1. Historical Papers and Addresses of the Lancaster County Historical Society, Vol. XX, Pub. 1916, Pages: 170, 176, 187
  2. Tax List of Donegal Township (1725): Chester County (now Lancaster Co.), PA
  3. Tax List of Donegal Township (1726): Chester County (now Lancaster Co.), PA
  4. Tax List of Donegal Township (1724): Chester County (now Lancaster Co.), PA

Family of John Campbell who married Grace Hay

  • White David Campbell Genealogy Report: By Philip Norfleet. This is my “go to” reference on this family.  While others have expanded on his work, I feel that he has made an great effort to research the early origens of this family in America.HOWEVER…. Norfleet states that the wife of Patrick Campbell, son of John and Grace, was Delilah Thompson.  Equally knowledgeable researchers have concluded his first wife was Elizabeth Taylor.

NOTE: Use Mrs Pilcher’s work on the Campbell’s Pre “White” David with great caution as many of her claims have been shown to be wrong – especially prior to this families arrival in America.  I have compared her work to an early historian, William Egle, in a sketch here.

Will of Patrick Campbell

Wills 1730-1773 Vol A-B, on page 656 (Image # 469) Note: I may be crazy or these Image numbers keep changing. Sorry if the above link is wrong but it should get you close.

Click on Image to enlarge

1772 Patrick Campbell1

1772 Patrick Campbell21772 Patrick Campbell3

Will of James Smith

Click on Image to enlarge


  1. Bill Davidson said:

    John Davidson, Sr. and his son John Davidson, Jr., were mentioned together in a 1761 deed record (available in Chalkley’s Volumes). They are mentioned again in a 1775 deed where John Davidson, Sr., and Sarah, and John
    Davidson, Jr., and Mary, sold 228 acres of land to a William Campbell. Perhaps John Davidson, Senior (also spelled “Davison” on some other records) was the teacher who was paid by a William Thompson for educating Mathew Campbell. We suspect that this John Davidson/Davison, Senior was born circa-1720 or so.

    Note: The wives shown above in Chalkley are actually reversed. John “Senior” (who left his Will in Rockbridge Co., VA in 1802) married Mary Allison (who was apparently not John’s first wife), and John “Junior” (left his Will in 1798) married Sarah “Sally” Rootes.

    There were multiple Thompson lines in Augusta Co., VA, and one of them was a Mathew/Matthew Thompson who was married to a Martha unknown and who left his Will in 1753. A John Davison was listed on that Will as both a legatee and as a witness. I SUSPECT that the above John Davison, Senior (who married Mary Allison) was the man listed on that Will (though there was another….almost certainly unrelated….John Davidson who died in Augusta Co., VA in 1762….his family was/is part of DNA “Family 12” at

    Note: Unfortunately, we currently do not have a DNA donor who “traces back” to the above John Davidson/Davison, Senior and Junior, but it is highly unlikely that they were also part of DNA “Family 12.” A son and a daughter of John Davison, Senior married a daughter and a son of William Davidson and Martha Baker, and we now know that this William Davidson was a member of DNA “Family 16.” It is not known if John Davidson/Davison Senior was or was not “blood related” to this William Davidson of DNA “Family 16.”

    The above Matthew Thompson who left his Will in Augusta Co., VA in 1753 had sons who were named Matthew “Junior,” William and John (and possibly another son who was named James and who was not mentioned in the referenced Will). Perhaps it was that son named William Thompson who was associated with Mathew Campbell. There was also another “early” William Campbell in the Beverly Manor area however (married to a Jane/Jean and who had a son named William Thompson “Junior” who married Mary Patton; this William Thompson, Senior provided land for the Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church). As such, it is certainly possible that it was that “Thompson line,” versus the “Mathew Thompson line,” that was closely associated with Mathew Campbell.

    Note: We have a couple of male Thompson DNA donors who “trace back” to the above Mathew Thompson, but we do not seem to have any male Thompson DNA donors who show their lineage back to the above William Thompson, Senior who married Jane/Jean. As such, we do not know if those two Thompson lines were or were not “blood related” to one another.

    Comments/questions on any of the above? Were you aware that a John Davison was hired to teach Mathew Campbell (I don’t recall if that was mentioned in your write-up)?

    • bwaltier said:

      Hi Bill – Thank you so much for the info. Coincidentally, I woke up this AM thinking about Davidson’s. Unusual because, I had never run into them as a “close” family to the Campbells except in Monmouth CO, NJ. That Campbell family, (widow m. George Davidson), moved to Philadelphia, PA. I am currently researching Lancaster Co so I figured the PA connection was knocking around my brain – and then I saw your comment! LOL!

      Before I get too deep in this, I want to mention that you also pointed out something that I glossed over a bit and have been meaning to clear up – There was more than 1, perhaps bordering on several, William Thompsons in the Augusta Co (general) area and they are of varying ages – straightening them out was not something I wanted to tackle – but I also don’t want give anyone the impression they were all the same.

      As to which Wm Thompson was Matt guardian, A few clues may be in the accounting of the Chancery Record: PG 5: mentions 7-shillings to Moses Thompson for a pair of shoes, a bit further down Alexander Thompson is paid 5s for his care while Matt was sick with pleurisy at Thos Brown’s. An Adam Therrison (?!) is also mentioned but I don’t think it’s a Thompson.

      To answer your question, yes, I knew John Davidson was Matthew’s teacher along with a James Bell. The source for me was the (above referenced) accounting of William Thompson in the Chancery Record. I didn’t include it in my post but I think I will go back and do so. John Davison I believe was the spelling and he is listed prior to James Bell, another teacher listed several lines down. The top page carried the dates 1752, 1753, 1754. I believe the accounting is from 22 Aug 1754.

      I do have a question for you! Is there any reason to believe that anyone of the Davidson families you mentioned in Augusta, came from PA? Specifically Lancaster or Cumberland Co?

      The reason I ask is that I am following a lead from the diary of the grandson of Josiah Campbell who m. Susanna Mitchell. I believe Josiah MAYBE the brother of Matthew for several reasons. In his diary, the grandson (John C Smith) says: I think my grandfathers Mitchell and Campbell we both Irish and came to America in Company together. I followed the Mitchell line and ended up in Lancaster PA where I have discover MANY Campbells of interest to me.

      I have only been searching in PA a few weeks now and only Campbell families, so I am hardly an expert however, I have (for sure) come across the BELL surname (Matt’s other teacher), the THOMPSON surname, and and am almost positive, I have come across DAVIDSON/DAVISON’s – probably why my brain was thinking of Davidson’s this AM… I am researching several families simultaneously (Matt’s being one). So I am still learning which surnames in need to make note of as an allied family.

      I am wondering if they all came to VA together…

      (NOTE: I had to go back and edit this comment as my machine froze and would only let me post what I had written to that point….)

  2. Bill Davidson said:

    The John Davison, Senior mentioned fathered two children who married two children in the William Davidson/Martha Baker family….and we now know that this William Davidson was a member of DNA “Family 16.” There was another “contemporary” William Davidson in the area (Rockbridge Co., VA) who was also a member of DNA “Family 16,” and his father is KNOWN to have been a John Davidson up in PA who was married to an Ann Thompson. So….I suspect that both of the above “blood related” William Davidsons came to VA from PA. No proof, but it would not surprise me if the above John Davison, Senior came from PA as well (though I have no idea if John Davison, Senior was related to the two referenced William Davidsons). There was another (PROBABLY unrelated to the above John Davison, Senior) John Davidson (died about 1764) in the area who was a member of DNA “Family 12.” His father was a Robert Davidson (died early-1750s) who came to VA from PA. It seems clear that Mathew Thompson (left his Will in Augusta Co., VA in 1753) also came to VA from PA (ditto the (PERHAPS unrelated) William Thompson who married a Jane and who lived in the Beverly Manor area, where he left his Will in the early-1780s). Bottom line, it is difficult to find someone in that area of VA who did NOT come from PA…..or so it seems.

  3. alice Radcliff said:

    Found in a paper entitled Rostrevor to Raphoe. Patrick Campbell is listed as coming from Co.Donegal, Ireland in 1720 to the area of Lancaster Co.

  4. Beth Campbell said:

    I am descended from a John Walter Campbell who was born in Lancaster PA on 22 Dec 1793. (He went on to found Campbellville PA, which is now a ghost town.) Multiple sources say that his father was David Campbell of Lancaster PA, who was likewise the son of a David Campbell, but he never fit in with the other David Campbellls who passed through Lancaster, since this branch of the family stayed in PA (and are still there, in fact). They reportedly came from Sussex, New Jersey.

    I am female and did the autosomal DNA test and got one cousin match to a descendant of Robert Campbell and Catherine Cunningham of Sussex, NJ, so I think that is probably my Campbell line, but the line between Robert and John Walter is pretty murky. For one thing, I’m not sure whether there is one David or two.

    The info for this deceased brother of Patrick Campbell seem to fit our elder David Campbell, and the fact that he had a son David who stayed in PA is promising. So that might be a clue for this Patrick — could he have been a son of Robert Campbell and Catherine Cunningham? He may be a generation too old, I guess.

    My dad is a direct male descendant of John Walter Campbell and is probably going to do the Y-DNA testing this winter.

    • Vicki Munn said:

      Beth: My husband Bruce Lamb did his autosomal on familytreedna and has three pages of Campbell matches – his highest number. This comes from his mother’s Elliott line (back to Capt. Samuel Elliott 1751 Ballymena, Antrim) Samuel came to Lancaster PA in the 1770s and served under a Patrick Campbell in the Lancaster PA militia. Sam married a Mary Campbell in Allentown PA, probably in 1777-78. I have been trying to place Mary with her Campbell family and have wondered about Robert Campbell & Catherine Cunningham. Sam & Mary name their first son Cornelius which seems to be a name in the NJ Cunningham family. Plus there are Cunninghams in Northern Ireland going back to the siege. Bruce has some matches that show connections to the Campbell-Hays family if one can believe their trees. Where did you test? I’d like to look at your info. There are Elliotts that seem to be related to my husband’s family who go down into Augusta VA as did the White David Campbells. There is a connection here. I just can’t nail it down. Best, Vicki Munn

  5. bwaltier said:

    Hi Beth – Sorry I am late in replying to this but work and life get in the way sometimes. I have not run into a John Walter Campbell.

    David Campbell SR: I don’t know who the children of David JR are but In 1796, there was a court case involving the children of David Campbell SR and Martha Byers land in Derry, Lancaster Co, PA. Mentioned in the case was:
    – David Sr d. 1758
    – Patrick the eldest son and Mary went to the house of their Uncle Smith where they continued two or three years
    – The two other children (My Note: David and Jane) remained with their uncle Byers eleven or twelve years until they removed to Virginia.

    You can see more about the case here:

    So David JR appears to have moved to VA – Definitely more research needs to be done but I’m not sure which part a VA he moved to…. Could be anywhere – Nor do I know if he married or had children.


    Robert Campbell of Sussex Co NJ: I have done a tiny bit of research on your Robert. My only interest in him was that he lived in close proximity of the McMurtry’s which, 2 generations later, were a close family to my Campbell’s in Botetourt Co VA and later KY. I wrote a little about Robert here (bottom of the sketch):

    I saw many genforum queries stating this Robert married Catherine Cunningham but I never found any documentation that even hinted that Robert’s wife was Catherine. That said, I didn’t spend a lot of time researching and many people believe this so I may have missed something. Not saying it’s wrong… I’m just not sure of the source.

    Robert did not list the names of his son’s in his will dtd. 1776 Oct 3, Greenwich, Sussex Co. From an abstract:
    -Land East of the road to be sold
    -Has 3 Sons (not named)
    -Has Daughters (not named)
    -Executor Daniel Campbell (assume is son)
    -Witness is Rachel Campbell

    Most say the sons of Robert were: Daniel, Obadiah and Robert JR

    Presumably Obadiah is found with his brother Daniel (the executor) in Northumberland Co, PA later on. The descendants of Obadiah and his brothers are said to be well documented although I never looked for it. You may want to check it out and see if there is a David in the mix.

    I kind of (and admittedly without documentation) liked this Robert of Sussex Co for a son of John Campbell from Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ. Mostly because of the name Obadiah which was found in that family – Also the name Rachel but that was a common name. Obadiah not so much. I think John Campbell of Piscataway was probably an imported Servant of Lord Neil Campbell but that family is as confusing as any other Campbell family 🙂 I had enough on Robert to eliminate him from one of my direct lines so I left it at that.

    Not sure if I helped at all but let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!

    • Beth Campbell said:

      Thank you all so much! Lots to look at here. FWIW, I just got several DNA matches to the descendants of a Patrick Campbell of Westmoreland Co., PA. That does not appear to fit into my known family tree at all, but truthfully everything above our John Walter Campbell is guesswork.

  6. Jane Hargreaves said:

    Hello Campbell family,
    I am searching for a “Berry” Thompson who married an Elizabeth/Eliza (Anne AKA Jane) Davis.
    Berry was born about 1807. Staunton/Augusta.
    One of our Thompson men has completed his DNA testing. Hapo Group R-M269 R-1b sub group i1.
    We are DNA related to Wm (Tinkling Springs), Geo., and Samuel.
    Berry is shown on old maps as living on Wm’s property.
    My grandmother was Pearl Elizabeth Thompson born 1894, Staunton.
    She is the granddaughter of Berry and Eliza.
    Campbell IS a familiar name because of Pearl. I am not sure if friend or relative.
    I would love to hear from you.

  7. Joseph Campbell said:

    Hi, not sure you are still receiving inquiries, but would the Patrick Campbell you are researching have any connection in PA with the Steele family? I’m desperately researching my Campbell family line and am stuck with the appearance of a Samuel Campbell in Monroe County, Virginia around 1780/90. My Samuel Campbell line intermarried with Thomas Steele’s family, and Thomas had moved to Gap Mill in Monroe County from PA. I can not find where this Thomas originated from but am hoping that his Steele line and my Campbell line either immigrated to America together or were connect in PA. I notice you named a Samuel, son of Patrick above and would love to know what you believe became of that Samuel. Could he have used the money from Patrick to set himself up in Monroe County? My family has land petitions/deeds for him in Virginia, for somewhere called Tietler’s Run. This area backed the southern portion of West Virginia. Any help would be deeply appreciated

  8. Kim said:

    so….now I wonder if David & Mary Byers and their kids Martha and John are somehow connected to the Mary Byers who reportedly married William Campbell, who Pilcher said was Black David’s father, but others say (and I agree) is more likely his brother. This is William Campbell who married Mary Byers appears to have died sometime before 1770 in Augusta County.

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