Patrick Campbell of Peters Township, Franklin Co, PA

This sketch is on the family of Patrick Campbell and Eleanor Hays/Hayes. If you are a descendant, please keep in mind that my research goal was not to accumulate everything there is to be known about Patrick and Eleanor. My goal was to differentiate him and his family from other Campbells who were in the area. I mention this so that you can take my work and expand on it yourself. There is more to be learned by following up on the various land records I cite here and some that I am not referencing at all.

If you are unfamiliar with the records available, you can start here: Searching PA Land Records. Many Campbells are listed in Franklin Co but not all belong to this family.

Also, I know some people have dedicated much time (years?) to this family. If you see errors in my work, PLEASE point them out. Last thing I want is to be passing on bad information!

And a final note: The names of the Townships of Derry and Londonderry are used interchangeably throughout the documents transcribed here. Don’t let this throw you off. I transcribed as written. James Campbell’s (1771) land is found on the Derry map. Londonderry was split from Derry in 1767.

Unanswered Questions

I have 2 questions about the children of Patrick Campbell that remain unanswered and would appreciate any input:

  1. Is any member of this family a participant in the Campbell DNA project?
  2. Did any of the children (or grandchildren) of Patrick Campbell and Eleanor Hayes settle in Fannett Township, Cumberland, then Franklin co. Fannett is located about 30 miles north of Peters Township.

You can either leave a note in the comments section or email me directly. You can find my email information over there in the Contact Me box: ————->

Family of Patrick Campbell

Patrick’s father was James Campbell of Londonderry, PA and his brother was John Campbell of Londonderry, PA. I wrote about both James and John in the above linked sketches. It is through the settlement of John’s estate and the Last Will & Testament (LW&T) of James Campbell, that we find the evidence of the family relationship.

Patrick Campbell m. Eleanor Hayes on 6 Feb 1755 (See records of Paxtang Presbyterian Church, History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church, by Mathias W.  McAlarney, p.  269.) Hays family researchers say that Eleanor is the daughter of Patrick Hays (Hayes) and Jane or Jean McKnight.

Patrick and Eleanor raised their family in Peters Township, Cumberland Co (later Franklin), PA. Peters is about 80 miles West of Patrick’s father’s plantation in Londonderry, Lancaster (now Dauphin), PA. The estate documents of his brother John make the relationship clear – repeatedly.

Peters Township, Franklin Co, PA

I can’t say why Patrick moved to Peters Township but I suspect he moved with his wife’s family as a William Hays had land next to Patrick’s. Later William Hays land was transferred to Patrick and Samuel Hays.  See Survey C37-23 for more details.

Patrick Campbell had land in Peters Township as early as 1767, probably earlier. In the Pennsylvania Archives, V. II, Edited By William Egle m.d., Pub 1894, pgs 384-385, 395 (Google book linked)  we find 3 caveats filed where Patrick was claiming various surveys were interfering with his land. Two were filed in the Land Office on 2 Feb 1767 against Alexander McConnel and another bearing the same date against Robert Wilson. On the 26 May 1767, he filed another claim against Samuel Robb. Samuel Robb is mentioned in the above linked survey.

Another interesting survey is C31-122. It lists the land of Patrick Hays and mentions a Robert Campbell who was granted 250 acres of land 4 Sept 1767. I don’t know who this Robert is. He is not the son of Patrick and Eleanor who (at most) would be 11 or 12 in 1767.  There were other Campbell families in the area so I am keeping this land doc in my “still to be figured out” pile. The only reason I reference it here is because of the name Patrick Hays.

There is a book State  and Supply Transcripts Of The County Of Cumberland, Edited by William Henry Egle M.D., Vol XX, Published 1897. Several pages have information on Campbell’s – not all this family. It is a searchable and is a good resource for this area.

  • 1780: Patrick Campbell is listed as owning 718 acres, 6 horses, 7 cattle and 1 negro (Pg 347)
  • 1781: Patrick Campbell is listed as owning 678 acres, 5 horses, 8 cattle and 1 negro (Pg 475)

When Patrick died in 1795, we know he owned at least 2 tracts of land which he bequeathed to 4 of his sons. Two other sons he gave cash to be paid in installments.

Will of Patrick Campbell

Patrick left a will in Franklin Co, PA. A copy of the will, inventories and administrations can be found at the web site (link provided below). Details include:

  • Patrick Campbell of Peters Township, Franklin Co, Yeoman,  dtd: 15 June 1795
  • Beloved Wife Eleanor
  • Son: William: £300 paid in installments
  • Dau: Jenny Stockton, wife of Caleb Stockton, £100 paid in installments
  • Son: John: £500 paid in installments
  • Sons: Patrick and Robert: Upper Peters Township 400 acres or thereabouts
  • Sons: David and Samuel: Other plantation in Peters Township being 300 acres or thereabouts. Samuel also received £100 paid in installments
  • Mentions former contract with John Wray or John McRay
  • Exec: Wife Eleanor, son Robert, friend John Scott Esq of Chambersburg
  • Wit: Robert McFarland, James Erwin, John Riddle
  • Prvn: 14 Sept 1795

One interesting note about the inventory of Patrick; It included an eight-day clock which had its own separate appraisal attached. I note this because in the LW&T of Patrick’s father James who d. in 1771, he also mentioned a clock. Not sure if it was the same one.

Children of Patrick

I don’t want to get too detailed about the children of Patrick as I haven’t spent enough time researching them. There are a few on-line genealogies out there that can be easily found by searching for “Patrick Campbell married Eleanor Hayes”. That said, I must make one observation.

Some of the birth dates of the children look a little off. Keep in mind, Patrick and Eleanor were married in 1755 and from my experience with his brother’s family, I would guess he was born btwn 1720-1730. His first child, James was b. abt 1756 – I have seen some dates that have the children being born quite late in life.

HOWEVER – nothing is easy (lol) – there is a reference to an approval by the orphan’s court 14 May 1804 in Patrick’s administrations docs. I feel it has more to do with an heir passing away but I could be wrong.

James Campbell who was b. abt 1756 was not mentioned in his father’s will because he died in 1781; reportedly in the Revolutionary War. He married Margaret (unknown surname) and had one daughter Eleanor who grew up to marry Rev Joshua Williams. I discuss James in detail and list sources in the sketches regarding James Campbell of Londonderry, PA and John Campbell of Londonderry, PA.  James of Londonderry is this James’ grandfather, John was his Uncle. I have seen Eleanor, dau of James being listed as a dau of Patrick but I think the evidence now available on-line clearly defines this relationship.

Here are a few sources that may help provide additional info on the children of Patrick; probably nothing new to those who have researched this family for years.

The next 4 links are from a Rootsweb poster who has transcribed some information on Mercersburg Campbells (not all are this family). The posts are from: Information held at Kittochtinny His. Soc. Chambersburg PA.:

And finally, if you want to look at the Campbell wills for Franklin Co, now available on-line thanks to the wonderful people of, I suggest you start here (link). Someone took the time to look up all the Campbells and find the Image numbers. This is a HUGE time saver (Thank You)!!  Here are a few hints when using this document:

  • First, go get the document and print it.
  • Go to the Franklin Co site (linked)
  • SCROLL to the bottom where you find Will books, Open the appropriate Will Book, then go to the Image Number

The links at the top, before you scroll, are by estate number and have all the estate docs available (Inventories, etc). I found a few Inventories before I figured out the Scrolling – I link them below as the inventories and administrations have addl info – plus might be the original wills? Not all estate docs are available:

If you have questions – please ask, I’m happy to help. Some of these are for the kids of Patrick and Eleanor but not all of the so proceed with caution.


I probably know more about this family than I’m writing here so if you have questions, let me know. I’ll write one more sketch summarizing this entire family. If you go to my Pennsylvania Page at the top of this blog, you will find it (in the next few days).  It might be a good place to start if you are looking for more information.


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