Patrick Campbell and Eleanor Hayes Summary

A word of caution before I begin: This page is mostly for me. A year from now when I come across these Campbells, I need to remember how I put them together and the theories on which I was working. All of my work is documented unless otherwise stated. In order to find my sources, I ask that you visit the original page which I will link. I’m not documenting sources here. Additionally, on the linked pages, you will far more detail. Nothing here should be construed as transcription of any estate document, Will or complete outline of an individual family.

The purpose of this page is to tie everyone together so the future me can remember why I was researching them in the first place and the family to whom they belonged.


My study of Lancaster Co, PA is centered on Patrick Campbell of Donegal, Lancaster, PA who died in 1772.  In his will, Patrick identified 2 brothers Robert and David. In addition he named a John Campbell but did not specify a relationship.  He also names 2 sisters, Elizabeth Montgomery and Margaret Hutchison. He names several nieces and nephews, including those of his brother David, namely Patrick, David, Jane and Mary. The guardian of David’s children was John Byers, brother to David’s wife/widow, Martha Byers.

  • Note: There are several others named in the will of Patrick Campbell, please go to that sketch to learn more.

John Byers moved to Cumberland Co and the children of Martha and David lived with him until about 1770(ish) when at least some of them are said to have removed to VA. I am unsure which ones went to VA.

Patrick Campbell who m. Eleanor Hayes was living in Peters Township, then Cumberland County. His family carried the same names as the family of Patrick Campbell of Donegal. It is through these circumstances that I researched Patrick and Eleanor Campbell, which led me back to James Campbell of Derry and subsequently the family of John Campbell and Grace Hays.

Read more about: Patrick Campbell of Lancaster Co, PA

John Campbell who married Grace or Grissell Hays

In order to discuss the Campbell family of Derry (later Londonderry), Lancaster Co, PA, one has to start with this family.  John and Grissel are said to have come to Lancaster, Co circa 1726, only to remain a few years, and then remove to Beverly Manor, VA with their sons, Robert, David and Patrick.  These 3 brother’s presence in Beverly Manor is undisputed, especially David and Patrick. There is some difference in the details of Robert’s life in VA.

Their presence in Lancaster would be inconsequential if it weren’t for James Campbell who Dr. William Egle said stayed in Derry, Lancaster, PA, and is buried in the Derry Presbyterian Churchyard.

Campbell Graves in Derry

Find a Grave Memorial # 19229930 From Left to Right, James (1771) – Large Stone, flat to ground, Gravestone of John Campbell (1734) and Memorial to James (1751), next, James (1781) s/o Patrick Campbell and Eleanor Hayes. Note the placard and flag. Prob denoting Rev War Service.

THEORY: Probably buried in the same plot is  James’ father John Campbell (according to Egle). On the same stone is a memorial to James Campbell, who d. 1751 (?) at the age of 33. My theory is James (1751) is probably the son of James (1771).

Next to the stone of John (1734) and James (1751), is the grave of James (1781) who died in the Revolutionary War. This James was the son of Patrick Campbell and Eleanor Hayes and the grandson of James (1771) – This theory developed from viewing pictures of this plot and comparing them to other known pictures of individual stones.

For more information on the many early theories and contradictions surrounding this family, please read: Comparative Study of Family Traditions of John Campbell and Grace Hay in Lancaster Co, PA

James Campbell (1771) of Derry

James Campbell owned a large plantation in Derry ( later Londonderry), Lancaster, PA and is said to have died at age 80 from the transcriptions of his stone.  He died testate in 1771 so he was b. about 1681. According to Dr. William Henry Egle, James was the son of John Campbell who traditionally is referred to as the John Campbell who m. Grace (Grissell) Hay. However, Egle provides an additional generation in his work as opposed to the more commonly referenced work of Margaret Pilcher.

From his Last Will and Testament, we know James (1771) had 2 sons; John and Patrick.  We know that Patrick had at least 1 son named James, to whom James Sr (1771) left his plantation.  John had no issue at the time James wrote his will.

Read more about: James Campbell Sr (d. 1771) of Derry, Lancaster, PA

John Campbell (1776) of Londonderry and Campbelltown

John Campbell was the son of James Campbell (1771) and the founder of Campbelltown in now Lebanon Co, PA. He died intestate abt. 1776.  He was married to Margaret, surname unknown. Margaret sold her interest in the estate to John’s brother Patrick and it is in the estate documents that we find proof that Patrick Campbell of Peters Township, Cumberland (later Franklin) Co, PA, whose wife’s name was Elinor (Eleanor), was the brother of John Campbell, and subsequently the son of James Campbell (1771). We also find proof that Patrick Campbell had a son James.

Patrick’s son James married a Margaret (surname unk) and their daughter Eleanor married Rev. Joshua Williams. James died in the Rev War and is probably buried in the same plot as his grandfather James (1771) and perhaps his great grandfather John (1734).

Also in the estate documents of John Campbell (1776) we find that he and his wife Margaret, had no (living) children.

Read more about: John Campbell of Derry and Londonderry, PA

Patrick Campbell (1795) of Peters Township

Patrick Campbell married Eleanor Hays in 1755 and had several children.  My initial interest in Patrick was to differentiate his children from the others living in Peters Township and Cumberland Co in general.

My “new” interest is to find a proven descendant of this family who is participating in the Campbell DNA Project. Participation would help to resolve many of the conflicting traditions surrounding John Campbell and Grace Hay.  If descendants were shown to match this family, more weight could be given to the history of this family as detailed by Dr. William Henry Egle. As a personal note, it would also eliminate any connection to this family and my own.

If no relationship to the family of John Campbell and Grace Hay were shown, well, it could mean a lot of things but probably best not to speculate until it’s known to be true.

Read more about Patrick Campbell of Peters Township, Franklin Co, PA

Family Tree

So far, my research has done more to validate Dr. Egle’s theories although no documentary evidence had been found connecting James (1771) to the John and Grissell Hay family. So, it is tentatively, and THEORETICALLY, that I say John Campbell who married Grace Hay died in 1734 and buried in the Derry Presbyterian Church Graveyard. Their son was:

James Campbell who was born prob about 1691 and d. 1771. His sons were:

  1. THEORY: James Campbell, d. 1781 (or 1757?) from gravestone. He was 33 when he died. IF he was the son of this James, he presumably died with no issue as they most likely would have been named in the will of James Sr (1771). The basis of that assumption is that James Sr. provided for unborn children of his son John so he would have done the same had his son James had living children. I presume him to be related to this family b/c his memorial is on the same stone of John (1734) whom Egle presumes to be the father of James Sr (1771)
  2. John Campbell d. abt 1776, married Margaret (unk surname). He founded Campbellstown, PA and died with no issue
  3. Patrick Campbell of Peter Township, Cumberland Co, PA. Patrick Married Eleanor Hays in 1755 and was the executor of his brother, John’s, estate. Eleanor was the dau of Patrick Hayes and Jane or Jean McKnight.

Children of Patrick Campbell and Eleanor Hays

  1. James Campbell who was b. abt 1756 and d. 1781. James left a will in Lancaster Co, PA. He married Margaret (surname unknown). He had 1 daughter named Eleanor who m. Rev Joshua Williams. James died before his father and therefore not mentioned in Patrick’s will however the estate documents of his Uncle John Campbell of Campbelltown, PA make the relationship clear.

The remainder of the children are named in the will of Patrick:

  1. Son: William
  2. Dau: Jenny Stockton, wife of Caleb Stockton
  3. Son: John: £500 paid in installments. John died testate in 1798 with no issue. He left his estate to his sister Jenny and brother William. Will on-line at
  4. Son: Patrick
  5. Son: Robert: was named executor and was to share the Upper Peters Townshp 400 acres or thereabouts with his brother Patrick
  6. Son: David
  7. Son: Samuel: was to share the other plantation in Peters Township being 300 acres or thereabouts with his brother David.


Again, understand this is just a brief write up to remind myself who this family was, how they linked together, and how I came to research them. MANY more details, documents and sources can be found in the individual sketches linked above. No information found here should be construed as a transcription of LW&T, estate administration or complete genealogy.


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