David Campbell Neighbor to James Campbell (1771)

In my prior sketches on the family of James Campbell (1771) of Derry (later Londonderry), Lancaster, PA, I have pointed to the possibility of that James (1771) was related to the John Campbell / Grissell Hay family whose sons were one of the earliest settlers of Beverly Manor in SW Virginia. This possibility comes from the work of Dr William Henry Egle and is discussed extensively in the sketch: John Campbell m. Grace Hay: Comparing Traditions in Lancaster Co, PA

I have not found any evidence that points conclusively to the family of John and Grace being in Lancaster, PA and, short of DNA testing with the family of Patrick Campbell who married Eleanor Hayes, that probably will not change. However, I have come across an interesting land record that adds to the tradition.


There were 2 David Campbells in Lancaster Co, PA.

  1. “White” David in Campbell literature and is the son of John Campbell and Grace Hay. From the work of Philip Norfleet, David was b. 08 March 1705/06 in Londonderry County, Ulster Province, Ireland; died 19 October 1790 in Washington County VA. This David’s presence in Lancaster is only tradition.
  2. A David Campbell was mentioned in the Will of Patrick Campbell who died in 1772, Donegal, Lancaster Co, PA. This David was the brother of the said Patrick and had died prior to 1772 leaving a widow Martha (surname Byers), and children: Patrick, David, Mary and Jane.  You can read more about Patrick’s Will here: Patrick Campbell of Lancaster Co, PA.

Both David’s are (probably) about the same age – give take 10 years – and old enough to be acquiring land in the mid to late 1730’s. I say “probably” because I can only guess the age of David who died before 1772 (Will of Patrick Campbell).

Land of James Campbell (1771)

James Campbell (1771), according to Egle (and disputed by others), was a son of John Campbell and Grace Hay and therefore a brother to “White” David. As I said, the family’s presence in Lancaster, PA is only tradition however, in the Lancaster Co, Warrant Registers, 1733-1957, on page 31, we see that a David Cammel was issued warrant #66 by survey, on 13 Mar 1737, for 200 acres on Spring Creek in Derry Township, with the additional notation that the land was vacated.

On the same page, we see James Cammel was issued warrant #71 by survey, on 2 Mar 1737, for 300 acres on Spring Creek in Derry Township. James was issued a patent for 279 acres, 6 Oct 1741. His survey is on file and can be seen here: A64-214

James (1771) 279A

James Campbell 279 Acres on Spring Creek – Click to enlarge.

So David and James warranted adjoining parcels. If we look at the reference near David Campbell’s name (A73-41), we find the land eventually came in possession of James Galbraith:

David Neighbor to James (1771)

Land warranted by David Campbell but vacated and patented by James Galbraith. Click to enlarge

James Galbraith sold this land to John Gerber in 1757 and the Deed is recorded in the Lancaster Deed Book D, page 458: Image 472. * In this deed, it is stated that Galbraith received his patent from the Penns on 2 Mar 1744. So whichever David warranted the land, he was gone by 1744 – but gone where?

White David is said to be in Beverly Manor (later Augusta co, VA), by 1738 and possibly 1-2 years earlier . The other David, brother of Patrick who left the will in Donegal (1772), remained in Lancaster and was settling other land by 1748 (probably prior) which I will talk about in a future sketch.

* If you are not sure how to access the multitudes of PA land records (or search in a meaningful way), you may want to read this: Searching Pennsylvania Land Records


While not conclusive evidence that the John Campbell/Grace Hay family every lived in Lancaster Co, PA, this land history is the only bit of evidence I have found from a primary source and it can easily be explained away.

I still feel the only positive way to verify the presence of John Campbell and Grace Hay in Lancaster will be through DNA via the son of James Campbell (1771): Patrick Campbell who married Eleanor Hayes. But until then, these small bits of information may be useful.

  1. Burke Campbell said:

    David Campbell, Lancaster Pa. I have a gggggrandfather (1) David Campbell married Mary Watson and lived in Lancaster Pa. David’s father another (2) David Campbell he also lived in Lancaster. On the land map on the site shows a James Campbell property next John Myers property and then James Campbell’s property. I’m trying to find out if My line is connected to either James or John Campbell. The (1) David & Mary (Watson) Campbell in 1802 purchased 400 acres in Shamokin Northumberland Co. from the above John Myers.

  2. bwaltier said:

    Hi Burke – If I understand your query you are looking for a possible relationship between your David (s/o David) to James and/or John Campbell. If you are speaking of the James Campbell of this sketch who d. 1771 then I can say the only David associated with him is a grandson. James had son’s John and Patrick. John died with no issue. Patrick m. Eleanor Hays and had many children (including a David on whom I have little information). Patrick and Eleanor lived in Peters Twnshp, Cumberland Co. David was there in 1795 when he inherited a tract of land with his brother Samuel. There is more in this sketch: Patrick Campbell of Peters Township, Franklin Co, PA

    There is a John who died prior to James (d. 1771) – James is buried in the same plot. I haven’t seen any documentation but traditions state this John is the father of James. It is also hypothesized that this John is the John who m. Grace (Grissel) Hays. John and Grace had a large family who went on to live in Augusta Co VA. Much is written any many connect to that line in error. There is a David (“White” David) in that family.

    The other David in the area is from a completely different family. Or at least I have found no documentary or circumstantial evidence that they are connected. This family has 3 known brothers: Patrick, David and Robert. David m. Martha Byers and had 4 children: Patrick, David, Mary and Jane. In 1796, there was court case involving the children of David Campbell and the sale of his land in Derry, Lancaster Co, PA. Mentioned in the case was:
    – David Sr d. 1758
    – Patrick the eldest son and Mary went to the house of their Uncle Smith where they continued two or three years
    – The two other children (My Note: David and Jane) remained with their uncle Byers eleven or twelve years until they removed to Virginia.

    I checked my own tree but I don’t have any Myers or Watsons. That said, this blog covers all the Campbell’s that aren’t mine –

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