Franklin Co, PA: Campbell Will Links

Thought I would post a page to help out anyone looking for (Campbell family) Franklin Co wills. Plus it will help me when away from the computer. I have grouped these according to whom I think belongs to a certain family or Township – your opinions may differ and if they do, please email me or leave a note in the comment section so I can make corrections.

I started with a list posted at Rootsweb. You can find that here. I changed up a few notations because it worked better for me. BIG thanks to that poster who saved me (and others) a TON of time! The date the will was proven is first, the book and page number refers to the particular will book and the image number is where you find it on the microfilmed roll.

Or make it easy on yourself and follow the links provided.

Keep in mind; the helpful parts of this post are the links. I have verified very little info and nothing here should be construed as a complete or accurate abstract.

Fannett Campbells

1783 – William Campbell (1697-1783) married Francis UNK (verify)

1789 – Andrew Campbell (1728-1789) married Esther Jane Gettys Estate: 116, Book A, Page 141, Image: 87

1796 – David Campbell – Wife: Elizabeth Children: David, John, Agnus

1804 – William Campbell (1725-1804) wife Hannah Young Estate: 831, Book B, Page 287, Image: 346

1826 – Hannah Campbell (Hannah Young): Estate: 2330, Book C, Pg 809, Img 427

1813 – Mark Campbell Husband of Elizabeth Wilson Estate: 1221, Book C, Page 119, Img 73

1835 – John Campbell Wife Isabelle; children mentioned Estate: 3053, Book D, Page 317, Img 171

1836 – David Campbell (c1760-1846) wife Mary Alexander Estate: 4860, Book E, Page 130, Img: 362

1846 – William Campbell (1769-1846) wife Hanna Spence, Sons: Spence and Mark, Dau: Catherine Woods, Margaret Campbell – Estate: 4826, Book  E, Page 113, Img 354

1786 – William Gemal (Camel?) of Fannett, Franklin CO  Book A, Page 77, Image 53

1797 – Samuel Gammel of Fannet Twnshp, Franklin Co, PA Estate# 400 (??), Book B, Page 29, Image 215

1832 – Samuel Gamble LOA, 13 Aug 1832 Estate: 2828, Book D, Page 233

Patrick Campbell and Eleanor Hayes

1795 – Patrick Campbell (1732-1794) married Eleanor Hayes

1798 – John Campbell Son of Patrick and Eleanor Hayes, Estate: 461, Book B, Page 65, Img 233

1823 – Frances Campbell LOA: Caleb B. Campbell (both sons of Pat Campbell Jr and Frances Stockton) Estate: 1992, Book C, Page 668, Img 357

1842 – Samuel Campbell (1775-1842) – PROBABLE?? son of Patrick Campbell and Eleanor Hayes Estate: 4517, Book D, Page 551, Image 290

1824 – Robert Campbell LOA to William Campbell, Issiah McKinnie and (Caleb) Kaleb B Campbell Securities. – Probably s/o or grandchild of Pat and Eleanor (Caleb B Campbell securities) Estate: 2142, Book C, Page 720, Img 382

Captain Charles Campbell

1813 –  James Campbell (1747-1813) wife Sara McFarland Estate: 1468, Book C, Page 325, Image 178

1817 -James Campbell (1730-1817) wife Phaneal Reynolds) Estate: 1250, Book C, Page 155, Image 91

1814 –  Thomas Campbell (1750-1814) wife Mary McDowell – BIL: James McDowell, John McLean, Lazerz Brown Dau: Rebecca B. Campbell, Jean McKeen – Of Peters – Codicil: Grandson Thomas Cambell McLeen, Thomas Campbell McDowell – Town of St Thomas Estate: 1413, Book C, Page, 282, Image 156

1821 Mary Campbell Ltr of Ad to James McDowell Estate: 1762, Book C, Page 548, Img 296

Letterkenny Campbells

1796 – Robert Campbell Letterkenney Twp.; wife Margaret; sons James, Thomas, Andrew, Alexander, John dated 7/22/1796; proved 11/18/1796

1825 – Dr. Robert Campbell of Letterkenny Twp, cousin John Patterson of Guilford Twp, cousin Robert Brotherton of Letterkenny Twp., cousin William Brotherton of of Letterkenny Twp; uncle John Patterson (dec) late of Adams County, PA; uncle James Patterson; uncle Hugh Jackson; uncle Samuel Brotherton, uncle Alexander Campbell; uncle Armstrong Campbell; half sister Mrs. Ann Coulter; dated Feb. 19, 1825 proved March 8, 1825. – Estate: 2201, Book C, Page 736, Img 390

NOTE: There is a will of Hugh Campbell Straban Twnshp, York Co, PA that is probably connected to these Campbells. See: York Co, PA Wills, Book K, Page 25, Image 549

  • Hugh Campbell: wife Rebecca, sons: Alexander and Armstrong, dau Mary Campbell, son Robert Campbell, dau Margaret Campbell, My first wife’s children (not named), other names mentioned Isaac and John Armstrong. Written: 14 Dec 1798. Proven: 2 Jan 1799. Witness: Isaac Tate, John Brinkerhoff

Unknown Campbells: Please let me know if you have any info on the following Campbells

1785 – William Campbell Ltr of Ad to William Thompson

1798 – Henry Campbell Ltr of Ad to Samuel Wilson –

1803 – William Campbell (1728-1803) married Janet Coulter (Married First Prysb Church of Phildelphia, 6 Sept 1745). See Letterkenny Campbells for an additional Coulter marriage Estate: 602, Book B, Page 156, Img 279

1805 – Hugh Campbell No wife or children; lists 4 sisters, Mary Hosack (Tosack or Kosack?), Margaret Robison, Sarah Cook Jun, Elizabeth McBrayer Exec: John Thompson and William Hosack (Tosack or Kosack?) Witt: James Walker and Thomas Kirby Estate: 747, Book B, Page 244, Img 323

1807 – John Campbell Ltr of Ad to Thomas Wilson and Mary Campbell – Book B, Page 333, Image 369

1818 – Patrick Campbell, Esq Ltr of Ad to Arthur Chambers and Josias McKinney
–MAYBE PAT JR OF PAT AND ELEANOR HAYS?? Estate: 1539, Book C, Page 387, Img 209

1819 – Andrew P Campbell Wife Mary Gurgan Twnshp – Estate: 1637, Book C, Page 467, Img 254

1822 – John A. Campbell Ltr of Ad to Thomas Campbell – Estate: 2034, Book C, Page 680, Img 363

1824 – John Campbell Ltr of Ad to Elizabeth Campbell with John Cox and Francis Herron securities Estate: 2096, Book C, Page 706, Img 375

1839 – Thomas Campbell Wife Rebecca Harris; Metal Twp. daughter Reukammor, Charles, John Harris

  • Estate: 4008, Book D, Page 463, Img 246
  • Forum Query: Thomas M. Campbell (c2 Jul 1850-12 Dec 1860) was the son of John Harris Campbell and his wife Ann, grandson of Thomas Campbell and Rebecca Harris. Thomas M. was born in Metal Twp, Franklin Co, and is buried in Knobsville Methodist Cemetery, Fulton Co. His parents are in the Metal Twp census in 1850 and 1860. Did the family move to Fulton County and then back to Franklin? Matilda, daughter of John and Ann died 1864 and is buried in Lower Path Valley Cemetery. Can anyone help clear this up?

Allen Killough of Montgomery Twnshp, Cumberland Co: Grandson John Campbell – Original Will and administration

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  1. Thomas V Campbell said:

    David Campbell and wife Martha Byers, I believe if they a son named David they are my family. I have joined the Campbell family YDNA project with a 67 marker test.My cousin Burke Campbell has posted several quirie’s on the family.Please contact me to share more info.It would be great if this is our brick wall falling down! Thank you.

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