I am a researcher of the Jessamine Co Ky Campbell family. You can read a bit about this family below but there is a lot of info on line – or just ask and I can help out.

But this blog isn’t about the Jessamine Campbells – it’s more about who they’re not.

Like everyone else in genealogy, I have come across several unrelated Campbells and wanted to post my work in the hopes it could help someone else or maybe someone will recognize a connection that I don’t see. For those working on this family, maybe it can save some time but always form your own opinions and if you disagree, please comment!!  I would be very happy if I were wrong about any of these people!!

As with all genealogy, please verify my work. I have tried to provide sources (for the most part) but invariably it has been second hand information found on the web while trying to piece together a narrative.  If you recognize an error, PLEASE let me know in the comments so I can correct it.

Hope you enjoy – but mostly I hope it helps someone out.

The Jessamine Co Ky Campbells

The first clue to this family is in Botetourt Co, VA around 1777 when Robert Campbell was drafted under Capt Joseph McMurtry. In 1780, McMurtry was Capt of the Craig Creek/Sinking Creek area so presumably that’s where Robert was. In the fall of 1780, Robert volunteered with Capt Hanly. At the time Hanley was in the Cowpasture area. Sometime in the 1780’s the Campbells moved to what would become Jessamine Co, KY.

My Campbells are:

  • Jane Campbell b. 15 Apr 1759 in VA and d. 5 Dec 1837. She m. John Wilmore. 6 children
  • William Campbell b. abt 1760 and d. 1826 in Jessamine. He m. Hannah Withers. She was the dau of John Withers. 13 children (DIRECT LINE)
  • Robert Campbell b. abt 1760 and d. 4 July 1850 in Jessamine, He m. Catherine (Caty/Katy) Hawkins. Served in Rev War. No Children
  • John Patrick Campbell b. abt 1762 in VA and d. 1824 in Jessamine. He married Mary (Polly) Allison in 1786. She is dau of Peter Allison. 8 children.

Very likely related to the above family:

  • Rosanna Campbell b. 1752 and d. 1791 in Mercer Co, Ky. She m. Capt Joseph McMurtry under whom Robert Campbell served in Revolutionary war. She had 7 children
  • Nancy (Ann) Campbell b. abt 1759 and d. in Green Co KY.  She m. 1) John McMurtry (cousin to above Joseph). They had 1 child. She married 2) John Summers. They had (prob) 7 children.
  1. Robert D. campbell said:

    I am looking for the Father of Josiah Bedford Campbell b. 1737 in Chester Co. PA and d. 1811 in Mercer Co. Ky
    He married Susannah Mitchell in 1762 in Bedford Co. VA
    Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated

    • Robert D. Campbell said:

      Corrected my e-mail

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