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PA Land Records: I wrote a post on how to search for land records in a semi-organized fashion as there is a head-spinning amount of information available.You can read it here:

Searching PA Land Records:  All the links are included with suggestions on how to use them.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC – Home page linked) These folks maintain the bulk of records available in conjunction with the PA State Archives.

Maps: <—- Use this link to read about all the maps or go directly using the links below. Courtesy of PHMC.

More PA County Atlas Maps can be found at

The Southern Lancaster County Historical Society (hosted by Rootsweb) This group is responsible for digitizing the Grantor/Grantee Indexes for Lancaster Co. Without these on-line indexes, the Deeds located at the Recorders Office would be worthless to most researchers unless they had access to the print version (which I don’t) – Thank you SLCHS!

Recorder of Deeds, Lancaster Co: Digitized Lancaster Co. Deeds from 1729 forward. Original Deeds if the land was sold by an individual (a few are transcribed in full and typed).



Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Lyman Chalkley Some AWESOME person pulled all the Campbell entries out of Chalkley and posted them. I have found records there I never found by searching the book version:

  1. Campbell only: Chalkley’s Chronicles Vol 1
  2. Campbell only: Chalkley’s Chronicles Vol 2
  3. Campbell only: Chalkley’s Chronicles Vol 3
  4. Book Version: Volume 1, Google Books
  5. Book Version: Volume 3, Google Books
  6. All Three Vol (Tedious but if you want to search in a time frame this is good)

Other Sources:

Genealogies of “Black” David and “White” David Campbell of SW Virginia: This family is not connected through the Campbell name. They are connected via the wives of “White” David Campbell, who m. Mary Hamilton, and the wife of “Black” David, Jane Conyngham – half sister of Mary Hamilton.

  1. White David Campbell Genealogy Report: By Philip Norfleet.
  2. Black David Campbell Genealogy Report: By Philip Norfleet (See White David Above)
  3. Chart Depicting the “connection” between the families of “White” David and “Black” David through their wives. Courtesy of Philip Norfleet
  4. Historical sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher and kindred families;  (1911); Margaret Pilcher. NOTE: There are some errors in her work as shown by Norfleet however she was the original author and has additional Campbell info not included in Norfleet’s work.
  1. Angela said:

    awesome job on your line. I am looking for any help on John Campbell 1730 Scotland, Died 1793 Guilford NC. married Mary Ann Edwards (Dinwiddle Co. VA 1753 died:1805 Guilford NC) I have a copy of an old census record listing them as the parents of James Campbell 1758 NC he died and is buried in Brown Marsh Bladen NC. I think that John came from Virginia before moving to NC. I would reall be thankful for any help you can give me.

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