Our family participates in the Campbell DNA project and we are 100% sure we come from the Jessamine Co, KY Campbells. Some of them eventually removed to Monroe Co, MO in the early 1800’s. If you are a part of the Jessamine Co KY family and have submitted DNA, I would love to hear from you!  It’s always nice to hear from a cousin but more importantly:

Houston we have a problem!

We don’t match anyone so far – or at least very closely.  Our closest is Robert Campbell who was a Loyalist from either NY or NJ (65/67). You can read about him here: 38 – Robert Campbell of Butler’s Rangers

You can find all participants and their DNA results here: Campbell DNA Project

If you aren’t already participating, please do! While we haven’t been able trace our family back any further, I have used the results to eliminate families and that has saved me many hours of time and frustration. I am sure it can do the same for you.

  1. jerry campbell said:

    josias is my 4th g-gf. I have seen most the info you show. Did you see the john campbell sale of his bedford land to the irvin bros? josias was a witness to this sale. and I certainly agree that john and elizabeth walker campbell are NOT josias’ parents.

    • bwaltier said:

      Hi Jerry – No I have not seen that that deed. I will look for it. Do you think he was witnessing his brothers deed? Also…

      What is your opinion? Do you think your Josiah was the brother to Matthew Campbell? Did he live in Falling River? Was he the same Josiah that was at Matt’s estate sale? Lunenberg Co – Falling River – and Bedford County are pretty stretched out…. although not impossibly so.

      lol – sorry for all the questions but you have probably spent more time with Josiah than I!

      Our family has a very loose connection to the Walkers so I have looked at them a bit. I am finding a BUNCH of Walker’s, Mitchells, and Campbell’s in Lancaster, PA but no connections yet. I’m not sure how someone could have made that jump – altho I will say, I’m not confident that the Campbell’s/Walker lines are completely straightened out…

      My Campbell’s eventually settled in Jessamine Co, KY c. 1780-1790 and some of the allied families were in Mercer Co, KY – most notably John Withers. Before that, the Campbell’s were in the Borden’s Tact area of Botetourt, VA and possibly around Tinkling Springs. Our Robert Campbell enlisted in both area during the Revolution.

      • jerry said:

        did you find deed? believe john was father, not brother. john mitchell also witnessed
        josias was in falling river, father in law robert mitchell also.
        josias was at mathew campbell estate sale with b-in-law mitchell
        robert mitchell owned land 1740s christiana creek area delaware,

      • jerry said:

        should have added that john acquired lunenburg properties by 1756, too young for a brother

  2. Lynden Harris said:


    Did you receuive my e-mail that got away fropm me? BH

    • Lynden Harris said:


      I wiould like to exchange information with you regarding Patrick Campbell DNA kit 6789 as he relates to our Campbell’s of Amherst county. Please contact me at my email address bharris1932@comcast.net. Thanks BH

  3. Steve said:

    I am in the FTDNA Mitchell project and another project that is looking at r1b1 P25 folks. I have very few close matches also, and most of them are Campbells, not Mitchells. DNA related folks are surnamed Alexander, Archibald, Barnett, Brown, Buchanan, Campbell, Carruth, Cathcart, Draper, Gray, Hardy, Harris, Hayden, Henderson, Holder, …. well you get the idea. Lots of Scotch Irish. I have a sampling of the test results in an excel spreadsheet if you are interested. Almost none of these folks I have a DNA connection to, nor have I been able to verify family links genealogically. If something pops out at you I am a glutton for punishment, just not very talented at this research business.

  4. Steve said:

    delete the words “, nor have” Now it will make a little more sense.

  5. Beth Campbell said:

    This is very interesting to me. My Campbells are from PA (Campbellville, PA, was founded by my direct ancestor), and family oral history is that they came from Kentucky. I do not think this is true — our branch appears to descend from a David Campbell from New Jersey, and they intermarried a number of times with a Wintersteen family that also came to PA via New Jersey. I am about to do a DNA test and it will be interesting to see if we do, after all, connect to the Kentucky Campbells.

    One thing about my branch of Campbells that I have never seen elsewhere is that, for as far back as we have oral history, they pronounced it “camp bell,” two words, with a hard P. My father abandoned that pronunciation in the 1950s but older and extended family still use it.

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