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  1. Wow, I am totally lost. I have been reading this blog for a week. Totally lost. I am trying to find my furthest ancestor to help me find the connection to the Argyll bunch that my dna sample says I have. My family tree dna kit number is B3782. The furthest ancestor for that kit number is William Campbell b 1730, d 1805, form King and Queen County. His first wife was Elizabeth Watkins and 2nd Wife was Mary Roy. One of his sons was Col William Campbell b 1757, d. 1823. His second son was my well documented ggggf John Campbell b. 1759, d. 1806 in Kentucky. Where William Campbell 1730 fits into all of this mess is ??????? The matches I am getting from Kevin Campbell, CCSNA and FTDNA seems to show the John and Grissel mess. When I first started several years ago, I rani into work done by William Stanton, He only lived 30 miles from me, but he died three months before I discovered my connection to one of his researched Campbells’. The other coincidence is that descendents of this family also moved to the Monroe County area of Missouri. Benjamin Porter Campbell and his sister Margaret Campbell Bradley lived there after moving from Hopkiinsville Ky. Which is in Christian County, KY. That was what first started me to read your blog was the reference to the Missouri connection.

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