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Family of Patrick Campbell who married Elinor Hayes (Eleanor Hayes)

Family of Patrick Campbell of Donegal, Lancaster, PA: Not the family of John Campbell and Grace Hay

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  1. I was amazed at your detailed history. In beginning page I connected with Campbell in Cumberland Co Pa transferring land to Henry Teitzel. That area may have become Juniata CO Pa as my ancestors Daniel Fusselman and wife Christiana Weitzel Teitzel eventually may have held title to land. They were in Toboyne Township Perry Co PA in 1810 when Daniel Died and Chiristiana Fusselman Married Henry Tietzel (maybe Jr) and that land that was Cumberland may have become E Waterford, Juniata Co Pa by 1850 when Daniels Grandson Daniel Fusselman and wife Catherine Fleck moved their and built a log house on Willow Run Tuscarora Township Juniata CO Pa. they built a log home and Catherine after Daniel Died in 1879 from wounds from Civil War, raised three or four of her grandchildren, one being my Grandfather Raymond Joseph Fusselman born July 14 1890. The connection is our family found out in 1965 that his father was a James Campbell from the town. Whose family was well respected. Thats all I know. But in my research as a genealogist over 40 years I have looked up records of Robert and Dugald owning land in approx same location These maybe the same brothers you mention in early 1760s in Cumberland. Then with your info on loyalists going to Canada, I have a Samuel Campbell resettling in Junata Co Pa 1847 with wife Nancy Junk and family in Lack Township mentioned in census as gentleman and lady from Canada. And their son James born about 1850 may be the father of my grandfather Raymond Joseph Fusselman. I have taken the Ancestry dna but have not decifed the test.yet. But my instincts are telling me that this family came back to their kin in what was now Lack Township Juniata Co pa in 1840s. Samuel has some info in google that he came from Canada abotu 1847 settling in Lack Juniata and had a Hotel there.
    He also was a very good musician and carpenter etc. All of the traits of my father and son He may be connected to the James Campbell family of Kishquillias Valley now Lewistown, Pa The John Campbell-Robert Campbell family who had
    Judge James Campbell that family intermarried with the Hallocks Oliver family of Clarion Co pa As a picture of Judge James Campbell in the history of Lehigh Co Pa looks just like my fathers brother Donald It may be a long shot but with the Tieitzel connection and land in same area. Why knows. Another coincidence is that my Grandfather was born July 14 1890 exactly nine months after Judge James Campbells brother John Campbell of Kishquillas Lewiston died, meaning alot of Campbells gathered or his funeral as he was an Important person in the area. He died Oct 1889. Any feedback you have on my ideas would be appreciated. Joanne Fusselman Farell jfar1232000@yahoo

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